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New World PvE Arenas

Today Amazon revealed New World's PvE arenas, which contain boss encounters and are meant as challenging PvE content for groups of 5 players. These require a balanced party of melee and ranged DPS as well as a healer.

To enter an arena in New World, players will have to first find a key. These keys will either drop from monsters or be attainable through other ways. If one player with the key uses it at the arena entrance, the entire group will be teleported inside as long as they are nearby. Once inside, players only have a set amount of time before their attempt to defeat the boss ends. If they don't succeed they will be teleported outside and have to find another key.

The first New World arena that has been revealed has a nature-theme and faces players off against the Spriggan, a high level boss and member of the Angry Earth faction. The Spriggan's attacks deal large amounts of stamina damage, breaking blocks with ease. It also switches between melee and ranged attacks, and has the ability to put up a healing shield that the group will have to break quickly before the Spriggan can regenerate too much health. Defeating the Spriggan rewards players with valuable loot and a chance at a legendary item, some of the best gear in New World.

We've updated our New World guide with all the latest info.

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