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Void Gauntlet Abilities, New Enemy Type, and Everything Else PTR

Update: The website has been updated with all the latest data from the PTR and you can browse the PTR database and use the Void Gauntlet in the builder using the version toggle at the top of the page.

How to Get into the Public Test Realm

The New World Public Test Realm (PTR) was recently announced. In order to gain access to the test Realm you simply need to find the “New World Public Test Realm” title in your Steam library and install it. From there you will gain access to the PTR. 

Void Gauntlet & All Abilities

The PTR introduced the new weapon, the Void Gauntlet. The new magic weapon consumes mana upon use and scales primarily off of Intelligence and secondarily off of Focus.The abilities on the Void Gauntlet consist of two trees called Annihilation and Decay.

You can see all Void Gauntlet abilities by switching the site to the PTR preview (using the toggle at the top) and visiting the Void Gauntlet page.

Annihilation Tree:

Void Blade:
Summon a blade of Void energy that converts your basic attacks to melee. Tap Basic Attack to perform a quick slash that deals 100% weapon damage or hold to perform a thrust attack that deals 150% weapon damage. Both attacks inflict Disintegrate on successful hits, dealing 5% weapon damage per second and reducing damage absorption by 5% for 8s. Stacks up to 3 times. 15s duration. Costs 20 Mana.

Petrifying Scream:
Unleash a Void-infused scream, dealing 100% weapon damage, staggering and inflicting Root to enemies 5m in front of you. Disables enemy movement for 2s. Costs 25 Mana.

Summon a circular rift of Void energy at your feet that deals 30% weapon damage per second to enemies and grants Empower to self and friendlies, increasing damage by 20%. 5m radius. 6s duration. Costs 30 Mana.

Ultimate - Voidcaller:
On successful ability hit, gain a stack of Void Essence. At 6 stacks, consume all stacks and gain a 3m aura that heals self and friendlies for 30% weapon damage and deals 30% weapon damage per second to enemies within. Healing scales exclusively with Focus. 5s duration. 20s cooldown.

Decay Tree:

Orb of Decay:
Fire an unblockable orb that passes through enemies, deals 100% weapon damage and inflicts Disintegrate, dealing 5% weapon damage per second and reducing damage absorption by 5% for 8s. Stacks up to 3 times. At max range, it transforms into a healing orb and returns, healing friendlies for 20% weapon damage per second for 5s. Healing scales exclusively with Focus. Costs 20 Mana.

Baleful Tether:
Fire a projectile that tethers you to an enemy, Weakening it and Empowering you by 4% per second (20% maximum). The tether ends if the target moves beyond 15m. 10s duration. Costs 25 Mana.

Essence Rupture:
Fire a projectile that inflicts Essence Rupture for 10 seconds, healing anyone that hits the target for 20% of the damage done. Does not apply to damage-over-time. Costs 25 Mana.

Ultimate - Glimpse of the Void:
Gain a stack of Void Essence per successful ability hit. At 4 or more stacks, your next successful ranged heavy attack will instantly reset all Void Gauntlet cooldowns and remove all stacks. 15s cooldown.

Void Gauntlet Overview

The Void Gauntlet specializes in close range buffs and dealing damage over time or mid-range debuffs and healing. The void gauntlet is best used in groups and doesn’t seem to be particularly effective in dueling or 1v1 situations.

Both of the ultimates from each tree are able to be proc’d by hitting multiple enemies at a time. For example, you can gain 4 stacks of void essence for your Glimpse of the Void Ultimate by hitting a group of 4 enemies with one ability. The same holds true for the Voidcaller ultimate. This makes the Gauntlet particularly useful in group settings and PvE situations. 

The Void Gauntlet does have some different mechanics from the other weapons in the game. The Heavy attack with the Void gauntlet deals 150% damage and heals yourself for 20% of the damage done. 

The block also functions differently than the other weapons in the game. The Block is called “Harvest Essence.” When you block with the Void Gauntlet you convert your health into mana over time, and the rate at which you do so scales with your weapon damage. There is also a passive in the Decay tree that reduces your cooldowns by 10% per second while using Harvest Essence. 

There are also several abilities on the Void Gauntlet that provide self healing or healing to allies. It’s important to point out that even though the weapon scales primarily from intelligence every heal for the Void Gauntlet scales exclusively from focus. 

Arcana Changes

Arcana has now been adjusted to utilize the previously useless material in New World, Hyssop. In order to craft all potions in the game you will now need to craft an Alkahest for the potion. The Alkahests range from tier 1 up to tier V and all require a specific amount of Hyssop and water.

Weak Alkahest - 2 Hyssop, 1 Water
Common Alkahest - 4 Hyssop, 1 Water
Strong Alkahest - 6 Hyssop, 1 Water
Powerful Alkahest - 8 Hyssop, 1 Water
Infused Alkahest - 10 Hyssop, 1 Water, 1 Azoth Water

New Enemies - The Varangian Raiders

There has been a new enemy type introduced with the PTR that does not appear to fall into the previous categories of monsters we have seen. These are human raiders that are level range 16-20 and can currently be found in First Light, Monarch’s Bluff, and Everfall. The new mobs have their own banner and this is the beginning of what we will see of them in the future. 

Varangian Raiders Resistance to damage types. It appears that the Varangian Raiders are not weak against any type of damage, but are resistance to Strike damage. 

  • STRIKE - Resistant
  • ICE - Neutral 
  • VOID - Neutral 
  • SLASH - Neutral 
  • Thrust - Neutral 
  • Fire - Neutral 
  • LIGHTNING - Neutral 
  • ARCANE - Neutral 
  • NATURE - Neutral 

For the most part, Stonecutting remains unchanged though there is a few minor changes that should make Tuning Orbs more easily crafted.  The main changes to the recipes involve the decreased requirement of the Corrupted Refinement materials earned from completing Corrupted Breaches. 
  • Amrine Tuning Orb - unchanged
  • Starstone Tuning Orb - now requires 3 corrupted Fragment (down from 10)
  •  Depth Tuning Orb - now requires 2 Corrupted Shards (down from 10)
  • Dynasty Tuning Orb - now requires 2 Corrupted Crystal (down from 10)
  • Genesis Tuning Orb - now requires 2 corrupted Lodestone (down from 10)
  • Lazarus Tuning Orb - now requires 3 corrupted Lodestone (down from 20)
  • Protector’s, Monoecious and Siren Tuning Orbs - unchanged

The Last notable change is to Runestones and Obsidian Voidstone crafting requirements..  Runestones and Obsidian Voidstone have now opened up the Uncommon Lodestone recruitment to allow any type of uncommon lodestone resource.  Previously, Rune Stone required Putrid Lodestone and Obsidian Voidstones required Loamy Lodestone

New PvP Faction Missions

The PvP Faction missions have been reworked to add new mission types and remove the poaching missions. You will no longer have to go kill boars, tigers, etc when running a PvP mission. The PvP missions now reset on death vs being forfeited all together. The new missions that were added include capturing control of the fort, killing enemy faction members, and retrieving war camp loot from specified locations. 

Trading Post Changes

Trading posts are in fact linked on the PTR. You can be in one settlement and buy goods from another settlement. Wherever you put an item up for sell is the territory that receives the trading taxes for that item. 

Other Notable Adjustments / Additions
  • Ice Gauntlet does significantly less damage. Ice Storm Persists on weapon swap
  • Sprint speed increased by 10% when on roads
  • Addition of new Enemy variants for the current mob types (Corrupted, Ancient, Angry Earth, and beasts)
  • GEMS appear to be fixed and are scaling as intended

For a Summary of the New changes coming to New World, check out our latest video!

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