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Exclusive: Reekwater & Fishing Preview

Recently one of our Studio Loot Founders & NewWorldFans writer, Redbyrd, had the opportunity to participate in an exclusive content creator event for New World. Access to this event was granted by the New World team, and the content that was playable during this event was exclusive to the event and is not currently playable in the Alpha version of the game. However it will be hitting the Alpha client soon.

Amazon Game Studios has added a new zone called Reekwater to their New World MMO. This zone is located in the South East part of Aeternum and is intended to be an end game zone with level 58 to 65 mobs. There have been new mobs added to the zone, such as the Makogia Creeper, a vine or plant monster that emerges from the earth. Very similar to the corrupted tentacles that players encounter while running corrupted breaches in the game.

We will be releasing a number of gameplay videos from the event. The first one shows the new zone, fishing, endgame content and new monsters!

Along with the zone is, of course, a new settlement that players will be able to enjoy and fight for called Reekwater Hamlet. It's a treetop settlement established over a swamp with a murky, mysterious ambiance.  There are several bridges that run across the settlement connecting the trading post, crafting stations, and player housing. The player housing in Reekwater comes in the form of a treehouse aesthetic.

There is also a new open world dungeon located in Reekwater called Fort Castle Drift. It is filled with 60+ level elite pirate mobs. There is a level 65 elite boss mob located in the area named the Sirens Guns. The fort is a vertical experience allowing players to ascend up into the treetops through a series of bridges and treehouse structures. This very much keeps with the overall theme of the Reekwater zone.

The event also showcases a brand new skill line, fishing! Fishing has been a highly requested feature for the game, and has now been confirmed to be a part of New World's gameplay experience. Fishing works much like the other gathering professions in the game: The fishing rod serves as a tool that can be equipped via your tool slots. So it will function just as the pickaxe or skinning knife. Players will need to first acquire a fishing rod and bait, make their way to a body of water, and press the default fishing hotkey (F3) to begin fishing.

There are different types of bait that will attract different types of fish, and players can fish in both salt water and fresh water locations. Fishing will not be an AFK activity in New World, but is much more action based as you would expect from the game. There are also fishing hot spots that players can locate and try to cast into. The fish that are caught will be used for both cooking and some of the components will be used for other crafting professions as well.

Make sure to check back later as we publish more gameplay videos of the event!

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