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New World releases more Preview Event information!

This week, New World has been releasing more information about their upcoming preview event, giving players an idea of what to expect when entering the world of Aeternum!  One of the big changes, for any players that have tested alpha or participated in the density stress test, is that there will be a new client to launch New World.  The old client will be taken down on 8/20/2020 and a new client called "New World Preview" will be available for all players who are eligible.  New World also teased more information relating to the Preview event coming as soon as 8/20/2020.

 In the latest episode of New World to Go,  We dive in to what we hope to see from the upcoming preview event and more! Find the latest episode here and new episodes on our new studioloot youtube channel!

New World also released information on more server options in the upcoming test including South America and Asia Pacific Servers.  Included in this tweet, they also teased of a new content creator program, stating that " The August 25th preview week is not under NDA. You can stream and record videos as much as you want. Hoping that you guys make great content on the preview week."  

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