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New World Patch 1.4.2

Greetings Adventurers,
Amazon Games will be taking the servers offline at 11PM PDT to apply patch 1.4.2. Downtime will last ~2.5 hours. This patch will bring us the latest mini-event Rabbit's Revenge and some bug fixes:

Patch 1.4.2 Notes

Rabbit's Revenge

  • Corruption rabbits will not start appearing over Aeternum for 2 weeks. Hunt them down for special rewards!
  • Defiled Rabbit's Food - Grants extra luck for 40 minutes when used. Scales on player level and can only obtain 5 a day.
  • Diamond Gypsum - Will replace the Earthly Hidden Stashes during the event; limit 3 a day
  • Defiled Storage Chest of the Hare - Limit 1 per player and is a super rare drop. This storage chest holds 1050 weight. (Image below)

  • "Saboteur" and "Master of the Tempest" quests and the previous versions of them will be disabled. The new version will enable you to take on the solo option. So, if you wish to do it solo, then you need to drop the quest and pick up the new version to do it.

Expedition - Tempest's Heart
  • Many fixes to the glitches and locations of where you can fight bosses.
  • Additional measures to prevent players from re-entering an encounter.

  • High-level elemental plants will drop the correct resources when gathering.

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