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Into The Void November Update Released

As you read this the November Update is being deployed to the servers in a 4 hour downtime started at  5AM PT [8 AM ET/ 2 PM CET]. It brings with it an absolute slew of changes bug fixes alongside some additions to the game. Going through it all would be an act of insanity so we've pulled out our choice selection of changes we feel will be affecting players the most. If you wish to go through the entirety of the changes yourself then be sure to check it out here, otherwise lets get into it!

The new Void Gauntlet is here! Its the first naturally set Intelligence/Focus weapon in the game without utilizing  gems to do so. The Annihilation tree focuses on maximizing damage at close range whilst the Decay tree offers a mix of ranged healing with debuffs that is likely to turn the tide of large engagements and point holds.

Some new enemy types are washing up on the shores of First Light called the Varangians. Expect them to feature more prominently in the lore and the story of Aeternum to come. Two new characters to the New World roster is included with them in the form of Commander Attalus and Varik "The Hammer" Iznov. Historically these were vikings from the 9th and 10th Centuries that made a home in Russia and influenced the Byzantine Empire.

Roads now give players a 10% haste speed buff, these buffs are not present in wars outpost rush or duels and deactivate outside of those if players engage or are engaged in combat. Its possible this is the groundwork needed to build in auto-pathing functionality into New World if mounts become a thing.

Faction change cooldown is being reduced to 60 days!

Flagging for PVP now gives a 10% luck bonus and a 30% gathering luck bonus.  Not only is this a general bonus for flagging but can provide an alternative for those players  harvesting resources whilst wishing to be ready to PVP in combat gear without having to first change out of harvesting luck gear before doing so.

Some variety in PVP Missions are being implemented with Control Point, Intercept and War Camp Loot missions, We believe the old Tithe missions are gone but not specifically indicated in the patch notes. Control Point requires you to capture a hostile Fort, Intercept missions focuses on PVP kills and War Camp missions adds some focus to the war camp POI as a point of conflict in the Open World.

Some notable fixes to Items and Gear include:
Stacking of different tiers of food to gain significant food health mana and other buffs has been fixed so that the most recent buff applied overrides all previous ones.
Various general gear perks have had their bonuses increased including but not limited to: Leeching, freedom, Vigor, Invigorate, Keen Speed, Poisoning, Blood letting, Burning, Crippling, Enfeebling, infected, Chain elemental and others.

Weapon Balance:
The War Hammer is being buffed in areas that see less overall use  including Armor breaker, Mighty Gavel and Wrecking ball all getting multiple buffs. However the Sundering Shockwaves rend effectiveness is dropping from 20% to 10%.
The Life Staff is being reworked to reduce the effectiveness of Sacred Grounds fortify and regen properties, as well as an overall reduction of healing by 20% counteracted by Equip weight buffs detailed  further below. The targeted healing system has some QoL improvements to abilities used on players out of range, and the Blessed perk is having its bonus range reduced too.
The Hatchets Infected throw and rending throw is being buffed to provide some stronger debuffs to healing as well as some improvements to the consistency of hits and the use of aimed throw to cancel basic attacks.
Issues around The Great Axe Gravity well has been resolved including slow effects persisting beyond its AoE as well as extending other slow debuffs inconsistently. Grav Well will now apply a 0.25s root to anyone pulled by it. Grit has also now been added to the whirlwind ability.
The Bow is having some of its ability cooldowns reduced including poison shot and rapid shot, and an issue causing shots to fire faster than normal has been addressed. Higher tier arrows will also now apply an increased damage to targets.
The Swords Leaping strike is having an overall buff to damage and cooldown as well as its recovery time for better combat flow.
The  passives on The Fire Staff will be getting nerfs to reduce the effectiveness of basic attacks whilst damage scaling to abilities like the Pillar of Fire and Flame Thrower are being buffed from 134% to 170% and 34% to 50% respectively.
The Spear is getting some general damage buffs and QoL fixes. Of notable mention is  that Coup de Grace is being considered a heavy attack and will benefit from any passive bonuses to heavy attacks too.
The Ice Gauntlet is for sure getting the heaviest set of nerfs this patch with reduced number of damage ticks in Ice Storm, Ice Shower cooldown increasing from 20s to 30s and a set of changes to entombed. These include inability to be healed from external sources whilst entombed, reduction in the HP of the tomb, breakout burst damage dropping to less than half, Many passives that bonus damage on critical hits are being reduced too.
The Rapiers QoL is being improved with framing and hitbox improvements as well as some abilities having some significant cooldown buffs including Tondo cooldown from 11s to 6s and Riposte cooldown from 20s to 12s. The Swiftness perk haste bug is being addressed so it applies haste only on successive hits and not bleed damage ticks.
... and finally The Musket is having some smaller cooldown reductions on abilities like Stopping Power, Power Shot and Shooters Stance. Sticky bombs are getting a big damage increase and overall musket damage getting a slight buff by 2.5%.

Equip weight bonuses are being increased with healing bonuses being increased by 10% for light weight builds and by 5% for medium weight builds. This is being counteracted in  specific Life Staff weapon balance changes so that the total healing amounts don't increase overall but the effectiveness and power of healing shifts away from heavy gear loadouts more into medium and light loadouts.

Movement animations are being tightened up and various bugs in movement animations have been addressed to improve flow and consistency but also include fixes to such issues like being able to jump and traverse whilst rooted

Attribute Threshold Bonuses
The 250 Constitution bonus to damage reduction is being reduced from 80% to 60% and the cooldown will not go into cooldown on a blocked hit.
The 250 Strength bug when dodge cancelling has been fixed too!
Talking of dodging, two handed melee weapons and magic staffs will see an increase to their i-frame windows to bring them more in line with other weapons. but you will now take damage if you dodge into AoEs.

PVE and NPCs:
We're getting some new NPC Ai behavior sets with not only the Varangians but also new Lost and Ancient enemies.
Large Brutes have their hitboxes improved so melee can deal damage consistently now!
Breaches shouldn't randomly despawn / disappear mid fight anymore.
Spriggans inside of Invasions will not be body blockable anymore but thankfully they do 20% less damage and 50% less damage to structures.
The Corrupted Commander shouldn't repeatedly dash attack anymore.
The Void Destroyer's laser (massive head in Invasions) wont instakill through fort walls. 
You can now stun Ancient Mages.
Yonas the Corrupted is now legitimately a manageable single player encounter.
Corrupted villagers will not chase you to the ends of the earth anymore.
Various fixes to Expedition enemies and Boss behaviors
Expedition Boss coin payouts have increased, starting from StarStone at 25% and up to endgame bosses at 100%

Economy, Loot and Progression
Players can no longer post sell orders when their storage is full
Trading posts are being linked! its unclear if purchased items will insta-appear in your inventory when purchased. According to the patch notes both the listing tax and purchase tax will be paid to the territory where it is listed, however its unclear if the taxation amount will be based off the territory its located in or purchased from. For this change to be a change to the current player experience we assume the taxation amount will be determined by the purchasing location not the listing location.
Housing taxes will now be every 7 days meaning reoccurring tax will hit on the same point each week rather than shifting around awkwardly.
XP requirements to progress various Crafting trade skills are being normalized. This means pushing through a higher tier of crafting using lower tier craftable items will incur a diminishing returns penalty.
New community designed weapons from the participants of the Battle for new World are to drop from high tier enemies in Aeternum and are capable of rolling to be legendary items.

Various craftable potions have had their recipes updated so they're not unnecessarily awkward to craft comparable to their tier.
A new alchemy component is being introduced called "Alkahest" that will serve as a fundamental for all potions going forward.
A fix to a bug found using player reporting that affected drop rates for Fae Iron, Voidmetal, Phasefiber, and Petrified Wood is being implemented
Many additional fixes to crafting to come into effect as well as some depreciated items being removed and replaced with something actually useful for crafters, a full list of these are available on the full patch notes available here.
T5 Weapon Smithing pants now drop in the world.
GS 600 Arcana weapons should now be craftable.

User Interface and User Experience
A new Streamer UI notification mode is available. 'Do Not Disturb' will turn off all incoming notifications for those streamers who get inundated with requests when streaming.
Players will now have the capacity to block specific invite types from being sent from other players, including company invites, group invites, trade and coin transfers and more.
Pressing 'E' whilst in your settlement storage wont result in facepalming anymore as you have to confirm you want to pull all of your stored items into your inventory before it happens!
Faction members flagged for PVP will now be indicated as flagged for PVP with a new Icon!
'Upcoming War' and 'Upcoming Invasion' tooltips will no longer constantly pop up until a new war or invasion occurs! 
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