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New World Teases Next Phase of Testing and New Features!

Today, New World posted an official thank you to the community and all of the time they spend in Aeternum during the Preview Event!  They also included some significant information related to New World's future including what month testing would resume and some of the features they are working on for launch.  They Announced that the next phase of testing would be in November of this year, stating that this would be "your" chance continue helping test and develop New World!  Prior to this phase of testing, they noted that they would be working on " adding more in the areas of game modes, land mass, AI variety, additional weapon types, quest variety, and more."  They also stated in this article that they would "continue pushing in this direction until we feel we have the right amount of content and polish for the great launch our players deserve."  staying away from any hints of a potential launch date

For more on these topics, check out the next episode of New World To Go available for download Monday (9/7/2020) on every podcast platform.  Here's the VOD from the latest Episode we're we go over our take away's on the Preview Event and the current state of New World!

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