New World Musket Guide

**Updated with Closed Beta Patch Notes **

The Musket is an accuracy-based, single target, ranged hit-scan weapon in New World.  The Musket scales from the dexterity stat primarily at 0.9X and has a secondary stat of Intellect (0.6x).  


The musket mastery tree is broken down into two skill trees, Sharpshooter and Trapper


The active abilities in the sharpshooter Tree are based on dealing damage.  Moving Through the tree will transform the musket into the hardest-hitting weapon in the game.  The first ability is Power Shot.  Power shot overloads your musket to deal 150% Weapon damage with your next shot.  When upgraded, Power Shot will give you a 10% Empower buff, deal 10% more damage to a target with full health, and reduce its own cooldown if you land a headshot.  Powder Burn deals 120 Weapon damage and applies a Burn DOT that deals 20% weapon damage every second for 9 seconds. When upgraded, Powder Burn applies a debuff that causes the target to take 12% more damage from the musket’s basic attacks and extends the duration of the Burn if Powder Burn is a head shot.  The Final ability in the Sharpshooter Tree is Shooter’s Stance.  This locks the player in place and limits the player’s rotation angle to 180 degrees.  The Musket then deals 105% weapon damage, accuracy is increased by 10%, and reload time is reduced by 75%. The basic version of Shooter stance only allows the player to shoot three times but it can be upgraded to 5 with Shoot More.  The Final upgrade to Shooter’s Stance decreases the cooldown of all musket abilities by 25% if three of the shot hit the same target.  

The Majority of the passives in the Sharpshooter tree revolve around the player dealing damage while aiming down sites and headshots.  Heightened Precision grants a stackable 2.5% damage increase if the player lands a successful hit while aiming down sight.  This can stack up to 6X and ends when the player stops aiming down sites or if more than 5 seconds passes by.  Hit Your Mark increases headshot and critical damage the further you are away from your target for up to 15% increased damage up to 100 meters away.  Called shot increases Musket damage by 15% if the player has been aiming down sight for at least 3 seconds.  Critical reload rewards consistent accuracy by giving the player an instant reload if they hit 3 consecutive headshots.  

The Key Passive in the Sharpshooter Tree is Sniper.  Sniper adds a 3x Zoom to your musket that is adjustable with your Mouse wheel.  On top of that, it grants an extra 15% damage to all headshots.  


The trapper skill tree is centered around crowd control and Manipulating the movement speed of both the musket user and its target.  Traps allow you to put down a “trap” that lasts 20 seconds and (if triggered) immobilizes the target for 3 seconds.  As you progress down Traps upgrade path, you will gain the ability to put down two traps at a time, grant traps the power to apply rend to the targets that trigger them, and allows the musket user to leach 50% weapon damage of damage done to targets in Traps.  The next ability in the Trapper tree is Stopping Power.  Stopping Power deals 115% weapon damage, staggers the target, and knocks the target back 3 meters.  When upgraded, Stopping Power also applies exhaust (reducing the target’s stamina regen by 10%) and slow to the target.  The Final ability in the Trapper skill tree is Sticky Bomb.  Sticky Bomb is a projectile that can be thrown and stuck onto anything it makes contact with.  Detonation of the sticky bomb will occur in 3 seconds and deal 150% weapon damage in a 3 meter AOE.  Sticky Bomb will also apply a slow and regenerate 50% to the musket user when upgraded.

The Trapper Tree has a wide array of powerful passives that work well with any build.  Salt in the Wounds increases damage by 10% against targets under 30% health.  Weakened Defense increases stamina damage by 50% against enemies using shields and deals 10% Armor-piercing damage to targets that aren’t blocking with a shield. Energy Burst restores 5 stamina when attacking targets with an active debuff.  Kick’em While There Down deals 10% increased damage against debuffed targets. Tactical Reload automatically reloads the musket after the player dodges.  This can only occur once every 2 seconds.  Since the reload speed of the musket is one of the limiting factors of its DPS, players should look to use this passive whenever possible.  

The Key passive for the Trapper tree is Lethal Combo.  This Passive Increases Damage to Targets affected by a Trapper Tree Status Effect.  Due to the nerf to Sniper, Lethal Combo will be your Key passive of choice in most situations. 

The musket is a ranged DPS weapon that specializes in single target damage. it also has Top Tier potential for PVP, Though it has a higher skill cap than most weapons,


Recommended Active Abilities 
  • Powder Burn
  • Shooters Stance
  • Sticky Bomb  (or Trap)

Recommended Passive Skills
  • Critical Reload
  • Called shot 
  • Hit Your Mark
  • Called Shot Resupply
  • Heightened Precision
  • Salt on the Wound
  • Empowering Weakness
  • Tactical Reload
  • Kick’em When They’re Down 

Recommended Key Passive
  • Lethal Combo

This Single target DPS build will be focused on maintaining a rotation between applying Sticky Bomb and Powder Burn, which will open up a window of increased damage with Shooter’s Stance.   First, apply Sticky Bomb to set up the 3-second timer for a large burst of damage.  Then, Powder Burn should be applied to Benefit from Backdraft upgrade and to maximize uptime of the potent burn it applies.   Basic attack if possible until Sticky Bomb explodes.  This will open up your window for Empowering Weakness, Kick Them While They Are Down, and Lethal Combo.    Enter Shooter Stance to unload the 5 shots.  This should (if you land 3 shots) reset the cooldowns to both sticky bomb and Powder burn so you can rinse and repeat!   If you are using Trap, the same rotation applies but you do not need to wait the 3 seconds for the burst damage.  You will need to time Shooters stance with the Rend debuff you apply to the target.  

Though Musket is mainly a single target DPS weapon, with Sticky Bomb, you do have decent AOE damage potential if paired with another weapon like Fire Staff or Bow.  You can apply Sticky Bomb then switch to your back bar for powerful AOE abilities like Meteor Shower or Rain or Arrows! 


Recommended Active Abilities
  • Traps
  • Powder Burn
  • Stopping Power (or Sticky Bomb)

Recommended Passive Skils
  • Greater Accuracy
  • Called Shot
  • Ballistic Advantage
  • Hit Your Mark
  • Called Shot Resupply
  • Heightened Precision
  • Tactical Reload

Recommended Key Passive
  • Lethal Combo

The Musket has a wide skill gap and a high skill ceiling but is currently the hardest-hitting weapon in New World.  Traps give the musket user a way to immobilize opponents and apply a 20% rend to their target.  Traps also provide some survivability as it self heals for 50% of the damage done while in the trap.   It is important to note that traps can now be thrown against ranged targets or placed at your feet.   Powder Burn deals a decent amount of upfront damage and also applies pressure to your target with a Burn that deals 20% weapon damage every second for 9 seconds (15 if you hit a head shot).  While the target is on fire they also take 12% more damage from basic musket attackers.  Stopping power has a lot of built-in CC, knocking back and staggering the target.  When upgraded it can also slow your target by 10% for 8 seconds and reduce their stamina regen.   This can be swapped out for Sticky Bomb which provides good AOE damage and applies a 20 second slow to the target on a shorter cooldown. 

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