New World Musket Guide


Muskets are one of New Worlds most unique Weapons and by far my favorite one they've added to the game so Far. Meant for long range, Muskets are a Dexterity Based Weapon that use cartridges for ammunition. 
These are the Tiers of Cartridge available in New World: 

You can use any equal or lesser tier of Cartridge in a Musket. For Example, If your able to equip a Tier V Musket, You can equip any tier of Cartridge to use in your rifle. But, If your only able to Equip a Tier III Musket, you are limited to Tier II or Tier III Cartridges. 
As with all Weapons in New World, The Musket has two skill Trees: The Sharpshooter and the Trapper Skill Trees. Below Are both the Passive and Actives Skills available in both Skill Trees. 



Power Shot - Overload your musket with gunpowder causing your next shot to deal 25% more damage - As you progress through the Musket Tree you can also decrease the load time of powershot, reduce damage fall off of powershot, and make your location harder to find when firing the skill. 

Play Dead - Feign death, Dropping aggro and disabling your characters name plate. Progressing through Play Dead's Skill Branch will allow you to shoot from, switch weapons, and use traps while playing dead. The Last node will allow you to reset all of your cooldowns after Play Dead. 

Shooters Stance - This skill places your character in a stationary stance for up to 3 shots. While active, your movement is reduced to zero and your field of view is limited to 90 Degrees. In Exchange, the player gains 10% increased Accuracy and 50% reduced reload speed. As you move through this Skill Branch, you can increase the amount of shots you can fire in Shooters Stance to 5. The last alteration node will allow you to pop Power Shot before entering Shooters Stance. If you do so, the 5 shots you can fire within the stance will all get the benefits of power shot. 


Snipe - Allow you to zoom in 1.5x with your mouse will while aiming
Headshot - increases Headshot Damage by 10% 
Greater Accuracy - Increases All Musket shot Accuracy 
First Blood - If enemy is at full health, deal 25% more damage 
Leg Shot - any shot to leg slows target 30% for 4 seconds 
Sniper - increases amount you can zoom with mouse wheel to 3.0X 



Traps - Sets a trap that can ensnare a target for 5 seconds once target steps in to Trap Area. This Skill has 4 upgrades allowing you to improve Traps by Increasing the damage you can do to trapped targets by 20%, Allow you to have two traps active at once, Allow you to throw a trap to a location, and finally a node that allows you to have up to 3 traps active at once. 

Hunters Vision - Allows you to see white outlines of Creatures, Characters, and traps through Structures for 10 seconds. There is only one upgrade to this skill which allow you to increase the duration to 15 seconds 

Sticky Bomb - A bomb, that you can throw, that sticks to anything within range. The Bomb will Detonate 5 seconds after. The Upgrade Node for this skill Allows you to have two Sticky Bombs Active at once. 


Beast Damage - Grants 20% increased Damage to Beasts 
Armor Piercing - Grants 5% armor penetration 
Weakened Shield - Increases damage to blocking opponents block meter by 25% 
Slow Resist - Reduces Slow effect duration on you by 20% 
Damage Resist - reduces Damage taken by 10% 
Sacrifice - Allow the Player to activate a bomb While on Deaths Door


The Reload Animation on the Musket might be its greatest weakness as a weapon.  Melee weapons are allowed to attack in rapid session often leaving there opponent wheeling, with small windows to counter but Muskets require high skill, requiring both aiming and positioning.  Learning how to Cancel the Reload Animation can both increase your DPS with the weapon but also allow you to keep your opponent controlled when using Head shots (which stagger the enemy) or Leg shots (once you unlock the leg shot passive).  Here is how you Cancel the Reload Animation for Musket in New World:

NOTE - You must be at least level 4 with musket and place a point in the Sticky Bomb Active Skill and slot it as an Active ability!

  • After Firing Your Musket quickly press the key you have assigned to Sticky Bomb
  • Then, without using the sticky bomb skill, Press the Key you have assigned to Your musket so that you quickly switch back to holding your Musket

Relatively Simple Feat, but in high pressure situations such as PVP, practice makes perfect!  for more on Reload Animation Cancelling for Musket in New World Watch the Video Above! 

-- redbyrd