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May PTR Update 1

The first update to the May PTR has been made. There are several big changes included in this update, including some big news surrounding the 3v3 PvP arenas. You can see the full list on the PTR forums. Below are the major takeaways from this update. 

  • Fixed an issue that allowed for a safe space during Neishatun’s Corrupted Flame phase in the Tempest Heart Expedition.
  • Fixed various bugs and UI elements in the PvP Arenas
  • Removed the ability to use non PvP consumables in the PvP Arenas
  • Added PvP Arena consumables. These items are auto-granted to players upon entering the Arena and removed when players leave a match. These items are not consumed on use but respect normal cooldowns. These include:
    • Arena Health Potions
    • Arena Regen Potions
    • Arena Mana Potions
    • Arena Attribute Foods
  • Reworked the bonuses provided by Faction Control Points. The bonuses are now as follows:
    • Brightwood: Camping no longer costs resources.
    • Cutlass Keys: Increases global gathering luck by 10%.
    • Ebonscale Reach: Decreases the cost of items in the faction store by 5%.
    • Everfall: Increases the amount of Azoth Salt gained by 10%.
    • First Light: Increases global refining yield by 10%.
    • Monarch Bluffs: Increases all experience gains by 5%.
    • Mourningdale: Increase the gearscore ceiling of crafting by 5. The maximum gearscore you can roll is still 600.
    • Reekwater: Increases the amount of PvP Experience gained by 5%.
    • Restless Shores: All fast travel is now free.
    • Weaver’s Fen: Decreases global tax values by 10%.
    • Windsward : Increases the chance that a consumable isn’t consumed on use by 10%.
  • Additional Starmetal and Orichalcum nodes were added to the map
  • The respawn timer on Starmetal on Orichalcum nodes were reduced
  • Adjusted the levels at which you receive T4 and T4 Hides
    • Changed level ranges in which creatures drop hides.
      • New/Updated Level Ranges:
        T1 = 1-35
        T4 = 36-55
        T5 = 56-66
      • Previous Level Ranges
        T1 = 1-41
        T4 = 36-50
        T5 = 46-66

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