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New World March Developer Update

Greetings Adventurers,
The PlayNewWorld Youtube channel released a March Developer Update for New World. They have a few major talking points that can be reviewed in text format below.  Studio Loot wants to give a shoutout to all the people in the video for all the support you bring to New World;
  • Tina Degenhart: Community Host
  • Scott Lane: Game Director
  • Mike Willette: World Experience Lead
  • Rob Chestney: Lead Story
  • Charles Bradbury: Art Director
  • David Verfaillie: Creative Director
  • Dave Hall: Player Experience Lead
  • Phil Bolus: Open World Lead
  • Katy Kaszynski: Senior Producer
  • Rachel Barnum: Player Support 
  • Brad Wilcox: Player Support

Deep Dive on March Update

Tempest Heart, currently on the PTR, is the major story focal point for this March's content patch.  More information about Isebella's power and her insanity is touched on. Learn more about it from the stories to come in game from the quests and expedition. Additionally, there will be a special cinematic afterwards that foreshadows the upcoming threat for the players.

Blunderbuss will be coming out with the March release, more information in the next section. Like with all patches; the March patch will include bug fixes and quality of life updates as well. One of the major QoL updates is that the MSQ will no longer require you to enter into the expeditions. So, if you wanted to complete the MSQ without doing any expeditions you will be able to soon! Roadside events. Only 1 member needs to be at the entrance of an expedition to enter, from the 3 required that once was needed. 

Weapons & Combat

Musket vs. Blunderbuss; They wanted to make sure that these two weapons were distinct and fun to enjoy. The blunderbuss is more focused on the closer aspects of fighting. While the Musket is focused on farther ranged fighting. Dave Hall spoke a bit more about the Blunderbuss abilities. Please check out our Build Calculator and select the Blunderbuss to see what all the weapon can do.

The Amazon Games developers does keep an eye on the meta to see how players are using the weapons. The meta is taken into consideration in the choices they make for making new weapons and balancing current ones. However, it will not be the main focus when making a new weapon. They want to make sure that new weapons have a unique feel and fit a certain role.  

Void gauntlet is still the PvP crowd control favorite. The developers didn't intent for it to be this way from the beginning. The main intended focus for the weapon was for debuffing and support. 
New Combat State. With the March Update, there will be an "In Combat" and "Out of Combat" feature that will change how the game plays a bit. For example you will regen a bit more health and mana while out of combat and be able to swap gear (even while on ability cooldown). 

Reducing Friction Part II

Reduction Friction Part I can be found in February's Developer Update
With the March update, they will be adding new things into the game based upon player feedback;
  • Accessing Inventory while on the move
  • Infinite Ammo (T1 will be endless, but T2+ will be limited)
  • Sign up for Wars/Invasions from anywhere
  • Increased rewards for Wars/Invasions
  • 50% cash back from abandoning a house
  • Durability loss only applies to equipped gear
  • Free storage transfer between storages
  • Storage transfer will no longer require your faction to own both territories

While the above are the things we will be seeing sooner rather than later, Amazon Games is still working on the future. To further help reduce friction - they are looking into reworking salving some as it doesn't feel good to salvage amazing soul-bound items. Additionally, the territory bonus will be getting some adjustments as some previous changes made to the game have affected them. This includes personal territory standing points getting the option of reallocating points. 

At some point Amazon Games would like to have the expedition orbs be optional and not required for entry. The future idea is that having an orb will increase the rewards from the expedition. So, don't expect the orbs to be removed from the game at any point, but expect them to change in functionally in the future!

Upcoming Events

Currently the Twitch Drop "Indigo Eyes" is an active event for New World. However, with the March patch incoming there will be some new in-game events. First up, vista points. Two locations in a territory will have easels in which you can interact and create a painting of the zone for your house. You can go back every 24 hours to get a new painting if you somehow lost your first one. Additionally, there will be 'loot goblins' that will wonder around the world. His name is Rafflebones! His level should be scaled to the level of the zone. The level 60 version of him will drop 500 Umbral Shards if you can defeat him in time.

Weaver's Fen got a new wondering NPC called "Stinky the Hunter". Stinky was once an outcast and you could find his shack in-game, however you could never find the NPC that lived there. Well, this is no longer true! He was originally in the game during Alpha, but was removed due to a bug that would duplicate him. As Mike stated, "You could generate a ton of Stinkies by interacting with this outhouse."

Dynamic Roadside Encounters have been added to Weaver's Fen and Restless Shores. You will see random enemies along the roadside working on stuff that you may or may-not want to stop from happening... Amazon Games would love to keep adding dynamic events for the players to interact with the world, so expect dynamic events like this to keep being added to the game.

Region Transfers are still in the works and was not forgotten. It is currently in the testing phase and will be here "soon". Amazon Games know that players still want this! Keep an eye on the social media and forums for when the Community Managers announce this feature, as they will be the heralds of this wonderful news. This feature should work very similar to the current server transfer system.

Double Experience Weekend. The weekend after the March Content Patch, a double experience weekend event will start up. This is for player experience only, so it will not work on trade skills. In addition to the double experiencer, there will be a double weapon mastery experience as well! Meaning, anyone who wishes to level up the blunderbuss rather quickly will want to do so on the weekend after the patch drop. Amazon Games did want to express that there will be these 2 different double experience events happening at the same point, so it is possible we can see one of them again in the future without the other.

Player Support and Moderation

We are introduced to two new faces we haven't seen before; Rachel Barnum - Player Support and Brad Wilcox - Player Support.

How do moderation work?
According to Amazon Games it works as follows: When a player makes a report in-game, the report is categories in their moderation system. Depending the severity, number of reports, and other factors the report can change into a case. Special, human, moderators will review the case to determine the outcome of the case. If a penalty is to be applied to, it will be sent to be peer reviewed. Additionally there is an auditing process for this system.

How fast is the turn around with these processes?
The Player Support team follows the SLA (Service Level Agreement) of a 3 hour turn-around time period. Sometimes this is longer/shorter based upon number of reports and the depth of the issue.

How many bots are banned?
They do their best to ban bots as fast as possible. They are on it 24/7 and have banned "tens of thousands" of bots over the past few months.  Additionally, you may have seen [GM]s in game asking around for bots or watching bots that have assisted with this process.

How does player support determine a bot vs a player?
System detection, if Amazon Games can detect custom software that is being used to bot, they will ban right away. Additionally, they use telemetry data with analytics that generate reports for the Player Support team to review. Thirdly, they use the Player Reports in conjunction with the review process and if those things line up they feel like they have a rather solid case. Finally, the use of in game [GM]'s that you can see in game verifying the data presented. Fun Fact; when a player is banned, they follow the same logout process of laying down to sleep, but little do they know it will be a permanent sleep...

What is the appeal process?
Reach out on Amazon's Support site to request an appeal. All appeals go to the advanced moderation team for review. They are taken seriously and will be reviewed.

Is Mass Reporting A Thing?
Yes; however the system in place for this takes in a lot of information into account. The location of all the reports, the context, chat messages, and much more. However, the number of reports do not matter. Additionally, it is a violation of ToS to be mass reporting players. So, if you are mass reporting for nefarious reasons you maybe penalized for doing so.

What is the best way to report stuff? In-game? Forums? How much information is ideal when reporting?
In-game is the best way for reporting. Doing so, it will be added to the moderation system asap.  Avoid using the forums for player reporting. Its very possible your forum post will be taken down as it can build negativity. Report exploits with customer service so that the knowledge of that doesn't become wide-spread. If you are unable to report in-game, then you will want to try and provide as much additional data as possible. Including; video footage, location, time and anything you feel would help find the problem.  

Community Questions

If you haven't had a chance, make sure you post your feedback on the New World Forums so that it can be seen.

Tell us more about the economy after all the server merges?
It was a big boon to all the worlds out there. More-so on the fuller and more active servers. The lower population servers have had a negative impact on them. Additional actions will need to be taken for the smaller servers, but not certain as to what this is yet. It maybe more server merges for them.  Paid server transfers will be coming soon, so this should help fight against players who are server transferring without much thought behind it. There will be no more free server transfers moving forward.

Asmongold wanted to ask Scott directly, or in this case indirectly -- Do you think the Azoth system has a positive affect on the game, or...?
The simple answer is that it hasn't had a positive affect on the game. Scott expresses that he loves the concept and ideas behind Azoth as a whole. However is sadden because how it works in-game doesn't align with how magical it is. This mineral flowing through the land that can be used  to upgrade your gear and weapon. However Azoth acts more like a restraint than this cool magical mineral that is part of Aeternum that was intended to be fun. 

What are the plans going forward with unlocked and locked servers?
There are no plans to preemptively lock a server ever again. There are however, plans to lock servers if certain metrics come into action. The exacts are unknown, but Kattie did state "Threshold of individual characters of population and a couple other metrics". It is possible to trigger this if an entire company move to a new server, but they want to try and avoid this as much as possible. This is one of many reasons as to why there will be no more free server transfers. Adding the paid server transfer option will help from players being stuck on server they do not want to be on.

Cross Server Activities?
The idea to join the party of someone from another server to run an expedition, outpush rush, and casual versions of war/invasion is in the works. Ideally they would like to have it now, but the technology behind it is currently the limiting factor. As such, more information behind it will be announced at a latter time as the technology is developed.

Player feedback has changed the game. What are some things that have completely changed?
Right after launch, there was a huge request for inventory while running. The first major meeting after launch brought up and it was slated  to be the first major quality of life change to the game.  Here we are now and it is finally coming to the game here soon!
Tuning Orbs, Taxes, fast travel with Aztoh, and other things based upon the player feedback. It's important to listen to player feedback as a whole.
Scott wanted to express that we are no longer in the MMO Launch window now, so Amazon Games is now able to focus on things a bit more than before.

PvP Players; What about us?
Spring season will be adding 3v3 arena. There will be a PvP rewards track for doing PvP activates.

Can we talk more about [non-combat] cooldowns?
Everything will be based on a global cooldown. Everything will reset at a consistent set global time with the March Patch. For example daily cooldowns will reset every day at 5am. Meaning, if you crafted a daily cooldown at 3AM, you will be able to craft it again in 2 hours. Weekly resets will be 5AM on Tuesdays.

Additional feedback or questions?
Please keep the feedback coming. New World can only improve with the player feedback, so keep on providing.

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