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New World Reveals Jewel Crafting and Item Details, New Podcast Episode

Items in New World

Amazon has published a new blog today with info about all kinds of different items in New World. Details include item rarity, perks, gems & sockets, consumables, trinkets and legendary items. This also confirms the Jewel Crafting profession.

Food and drinks can be crafted or looted and provide health recovery as well as other buffs. These buffs range from increased stamina recovery or defense against certain creatures to bonuses to crafting professions. Other consumables such as potions and tinctures can give access to quick healing, increasing carry weight or defense against elemental attacks.

Another category of consumables are weapon coatings which provide extra damage against certain types of enemies and can be crafted at a camp.

Items have a tier, gear score, and a wide range of different defense and absorption bonuses against physical and magical attacks. Items with a higher gear score are more powerful, with increased base damage or mitigation. Items also have up to three perks, with higher gear score increasing the chance to get more and better perks. The number of perks also determines the items rarity: "Common" (no perk), "Uncommon" (1 perk), "Rare" (2 perks) and "Epic" (3 perks).

Items can also have a gem slot, in addition to perks. Gems can be crafted by Jewel Crafters and provide further bonuses such as extra attribute points.

Each item has a different weight, and the overall weight of your equipment determines whether your equip load is light, normal or heavy. In light load you have a more evasive play style with bonus resistances to elemental and magic damage, while heavy load makes you less mobile but increases your physical resistances. There is a lot of room for mixing and matching different items to experiment with different equip loads and resistances.

The New World guide has been updated with all the latest information from the "Items in New World" blog post and contains everything we know about New World so far!

New World To Go episode 20

New World To Go is out with episode 20! This week they cover New World's direction and its shift from sandbox to open-world gameplay and whether it is more of a theme park MMO now. Definitely worth a watch:

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