New World Ice Gauntlet Guide

**Updated with Closed Beta Patch Notes**

The Ice Gauntlet is intellect-based that allows the wielder to cast spells as well as attack at range.  It is stacked with Crowd control and has a ton of area denial abilities.  The Ice Gauntlet has a home in both DPS and PVP. 


The two skill trees for the Ice Gauntlet are the Ice Tempest and Builder skill trees.  

Ice Tempest

The active abilities in the Ice Tempest tree are centered around AOE damage and has a powerful Key Passive in Ultimate Chill.  Ice Spikes is a cleave ability with a tied-in skill shot called Mighty Strike.  It has a range of 8 meters but the player can end it, proc-ing Mighty Spike at any time.  When upgraded, the players will be rewarded by landing Mighty Strike on target by reducing cooldowns and doing 20% more damage to enemies under 30%.  The Deadly path upgrade adds to the path of  Ice spikes where Spikey Reach adds Ice Shards to the outer edge of Might Stike, increasing the AOE size but doing reduced damage.  Wind Chill is the Ice version of Flame Thrower with a limited channel time.  When upgraded Wind Chill has a longer channel duration by 1 second and applies a 5% rend to the target that can stack up to 5 times.  The Final Active ability in the Ice Tempest tree is Ice Storm.  Ice Storm is a ranged attack that adds a 25% slow and damages targets in the AOE.  When upgraded, Ice Storm applies 10% weakness to targets below 50% health.  It also gets a reduced casting cost and deals 10% more damage for each target stuck in the AOE.

The Passives in the Ice Tempest has a large variety of passive that span from mana management to increasing critical chance against enemies in a frosted area (Critical Frost).  Energized Critclas increases your crit chance by 15% if the yielder has full stamina while Critical rejuvenation recovers 5 mana after a critical hit.  Gathering Storm also helps with sustain, by returning 15 mana after three consecutive light attacks.  Heavy Freeze works with both Ice Storm and Ice Shower as it allows you to ‘Freeze” a target for 1 second if you can land a heavy while the target has frostbite or is standing in an Ice Storm.

The Key Passive in the Ice Tempest Tree is Ultimate Chill.  Ultimate Chill grants a 35% increased damage buff against targets that have been hit with an Ice ability.  This buff lasts 3 seconds but can be reapplied with any of the Ice gauntlets abilities.  This is an extremely strong DPS passive and the most likely choice for most Ice Gauntlet users.  

The Active abilities in the Builder tree have a lot of utility but struggle to find a centered Theme.  Ice Pylon is the main ability in the builder tree.  Even the Key passive, Ultimate Frost, is linked to the upgrade chain of Ice Pylon.  Ice Pylon is a Turret that is placed on the ground that auto-attacks the nearest target.  There are 5 upgrades to Ice Pylon, with Ultimate Frost at the end.  Other upgrades include increased damage output, built-in health regen if the pylon has not been attacked in 5 seconds, and increases the rate of fire if the player dodges with full stamina. Pylon Refresh extends the duration of Ice Pylon for 1 second with every successful hit of the pylon.  Ultimate Frost, the last upgrade to Ice pylon and the Key passive in the Builder Tree, Doubles the Health of Ice Pylon and extends the frost area radius to 5 meters.  While standing in this frost area, players will be granted with the passives Quick Frost and Empowered Frost. 

The Other two abilities in the Builder Tree are Ice shower and Entombed.  Ice Shower Summons a 1M by 5M AOE that applies a powerful debuff to enemies it hits called Frostbite.  Frostbite blocks sprinting and dodging, slows speed by 50%, and will remain on the target for 1 second after exiting the Ice shower.  This is the only current source of Frostbite, and thank goodness, because it is one of the most powerful CCs in the game.  When upgraded, Ice shower’s duration is increased to 6 seconds and Frostbite lasts for 3 seconds after an enemy leaves the shower instead of 1.  Quick shower upgrades Ice Shower to apply a 25% haste buff to allies that pass through the Ice Shower AOE.  Entombed is a unique ability that makes the Ice Gauntlet user invulnerable and greatly increases mana regen.  Entomb lasts for 10 seconds or players can end it early RMB or damage players with a knockback with LMB.  When upgraded,  Entomb grants a defensive buff that increases defense by 25% if the player breaks out and adds a powerful cleanse effect that takes away all debuffs.  

The passive abilities in the builder tree are just as random as the active ones. Quick Frost and Empowered Frost grant buffs to players in frosted areas.  Defiant Freeze Grants a 20% fortify buff for seconds after casting an Ice ability.  Refreshing frost Reduces all active cooldowns for ice abilities by 20% when casting ability in a frosted area and Frozen touch applies Slow to enemies for 2 seconds if they hit you with a melee attack while you have 100% health.  
Recommended Roles and Mastery Point Assignment


Recommended Active Abilities
  • Ice Shower
  • Ice Spikes
  • Ice Pylon

Recommended Passive Abilities
  • Empowered Frost
  • Refreshing Frost
  •  Energizing Critical
  • Critical Frost 

Recommended Key Passive
  • Ultimate Chill


Recommended Active Abilities
  • Ice Shower
  • Entomb
  • Ice Storm
Recommended Passive Abilities
  • Quick Frost
  • Critical Frost
  • Cold Reach
  • Heavy Freeze
  • Critical Rejuvenation
  • Energized Critical
  • Gathering Storm
Recommended Key Passive
  • Ultimate Chill

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