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New World Golden Scarab Guide


Since Launch, there have been many things added to New World that have changed the way we craft armor and weapons.

How to Find Golden Scarabs

To Find Golden Scarabs in New World, you will need to loot Elite Ancient Chests in the open world in the Brimstone Sands Zone. Almost all of these Elite Chests are tied to the Brimstone sands Glyphs system and require you to Activate the appropriate glyph to loot them. We have more on the Glyph System in Brimstone in our Brimstone Glyph Guide (coming soon)

As you loot these chests, you have a chance to get a Golden Scarab. Golden Scarabs are rare and not bound to you, so you can sell them to other players on the Trading Post or Trade Chat.

How to use a Golden Scarab in New World

Once you obtain a Golden Scarab, you will also need the following items to use it to craft an item:

  • Appropriate Material
    • Asmodeum, Runic Leather, Phoenixweave, Glittering Ebony
  • 25 Single Stat Craft Mods
    • Strength – Iron Battle Medal
    • Dexterity – Rough Leather Beaded Strap
    • Intellect – Linen Arcane Embroidery
    • Focus- Softwood Prayer Beads
    • Constitution – Iron Guardsman Insignia
  • 3 Timeless Shards for that Item
    • For a Fire Staff you’ll need 3 Timeless Fire Staff Shards etc
  • 2 Perk Specific Craft Mods
    • Squirmy Vines, Starmetal Weaponsmithing Charm, ETC
  • 150 Azoth

Golden Scarabs can be used on any item that has an appropriate Timeless Shard. Here is a quick list of the items that have Timeless Shards in New World

  • Armor
  • Weapons
  • Jewelry

The item you craft with the Golden Scarab will be Bind on Equip. At this time, Golden Scarabs can not be used with Runestone Stopwatches so the max gear score you can craft with a Golden Scarab is 595-600.

Golden Scarab Strategies

When using Golden Scarabs, it’s important to choose the two perks you want on your piece of gear that have the largest perk pools. For the sake of this guide, we’ll use crafting a Chest Piece as an Example.

On this Chest Piece, we are looking for Insatiable Gravity Well, Shirking Fortification, and Resilient on our Chest Piece. Since we want to use the two perk craft mods with the largest perk pools, we should roll the Golden Scarab Chest piece with Shirking Fortification (Squirmy Vine) and Insatiable Gravity Well (

Here is a breakdown of the perk pools size of each perk we want on our chest piece:

  • Shirking Fortification – Damage Absorption Perk Pool – 8 total perks
  • Insatiable Gravity Well – Skill perk Pool – 78 total perks
  • Resilient – Crit Defense Perk Pool – 1 total perk

Since resilient has its own perk pool, the Crit Defense perk pool, we have a greater chance to get the Chest Piece we want by eliminating the other two perk pools.

For a quick reference of the size of each perk pool and what perks are in them, check out our Weapon, Armor, Amulet, Ring, and Earring Perk and perk label guides.

New World Golden Scarab Guide Conclusion

That does it for our New World Golden Scarab Guide! For a complete map of the Brimstone Sands zone and the locations of all the Elite chests, check out our map!

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