New World Fire Staff Guide

NOTE - this guide is from the preview event in August - Guide will be updated once NDA drops!


The Fire staff is one of Magic based Weapons in New World that scales off of intellect.  The Fire staff has great single target damage with its basic attacks and is currently one of the best AOE Damage Weapons in New World. 



Active Skills

Pillar of Fire - 15 mana  - targeted, instant cast AOE spell. The first upgrade to Pillar of Fire (Extra heat) increases the damage dealt by 25%.  The Second upgrade (Arson's Advantage) allows you to regenerate 25% of your mana if you kill an enemy with Pillar of Fire. 

Siege of Fire - 25 mana - a channeled spell that allows you to launch a fire ball at long range. The first upgrade to this spell (Artillery Expert) increase the damage of by 25%. The next upgrade (Death from Above) adds knockdown and does 10% more damage. The Last upgrade (scorched earth) adds a DOT AOE effect to where the fire ball lands. 

Meteor Shower - 35 mana - A Channeled Spell that allows the caster to hurl a Shower of Fireballs on your enemies. The first upgrade (immolation) decreases the cost of Meteor Shower by 25%. The Second upgrade (Make it Rain!) Increase the AOE radius by 50%. The last upgrade (Judgement of Helios) doubles the range of Meteor Shower. 

Advanced Sorcery - decreases cool-downs by 10% while using a fire staff
Burning Charge - heavy attacks gain extra range
Fire Flare - Heavy attacks are 20% faster and now set enemies on fire (must have burning Charge)
Demonic Ascension - You and Group members in a 10m radius will gain 15% Fire resist
Summoner's Gift - Increase your Mana Pool by 10% 


Active Skills

Flame Thrower - 7 mana per second - A narrowed cone AOE spell, Flame thrower does persistent damage to your enemies while the user is casting it. If targeted long enough, enemies will catch on fire.  The Upgrades to this spell allow you to increase the Damage by 25% (Infernal Flames), increase the range of Flame Thrower by 50% (Fire's Reach), and allows you to move faster while casting (Up in Smoke)

Incinerate - 25 mana - Insta-cast AOE spell that creates a quick surge of fire around you.  Upgrades to this spell allow you to increase the damage by 25% (Fuel to the Fire), Double the radius of the spell (Flame out!), and increase the damage of Incinerate by 20% as well as adds a stun if the target has 5 stacks of the PYRO debuff (Combust!).  

Burnout - 30 mana - Charge up and dash forward leaving behind a trail of fire that burns anyone inside and catches them on fire. The First upgrade to Burnout allow you to increase the damage by 25% if you hit your enemy directly and increase the distance of the trail (Heat it up!). The Second upgrade (Flash Fire) will Double the range of Burnout. 

Flame Barrier -  Increase Physical Armor by 5% while holding the Fire Staff.
Burning Agony -  Slows enemies that have 3 or more stacks of Fire.
Pyromania -  When Health falls below 25% then Fire damage increases by 25%.
Trial By Fire -  Deal fire damage passively to nearby enemies in a 4m radius. Activates when struck in battle and lasts for 20 seconds.  This ability has a 2 minute cooldown.
Prophet of a Fire Guide -  Increase all Fire damage by 10% for you and Group Members in a 10m radius.

While leveling, you are going to want to split your stats equally between INT and CON.  As you gain gem slots in your armor you want to prioritize Sapphire Gems, increasing your INT and Damage output. 

The fire staff is one of, if not the best weapons to level with in New World.  Both Incinerate and Flame thrower are ideal abilities to AOE down large groups of enemies at one time.   As soon as you can, pick up a fire staff and start reeking havoc on your enemies advancing your Mastery to level 2!  Most of your points for this leveling build will be spent in pyromaniac.  As You move through the Skill Tree you will want to prioritize damage output followed by CC then defense (this builds defense mainly comes from your CON, prioritizing Physical resistance, and your ability to avoid direct damage with effective use of Burnout and dodge rolling).  Below is the order you want to spend your Mastery points.  

  • Flame Thrower 
  • Infernal Flames (upgrade to Flame Thrower increasing damage by 25%)
  • incinerate 
  • Fuel to the Fire (upgrade to Incinerate, increasing damage by 25%)
  • Prophet of a Fire God - passive increase to fire damage by 10%
  • Burning Agony - Important CC passive that allows you to slow your enemies with three stacks of FIre - This will mainly be applied by Flamethrower but can also be maintained with Burnout
  • Burnout - mobility spell that provides slight boost in damage as well as frequency in which you can apply Burning Agony stacks.
  • Fire Reach - upgrade to Flame Thrower - Increasing the range. 
  • Flame out - increase radius of Incinerate 
  • Heat it up - upgrade to Burnout increasing damage and AOE of trail.
  • Combust - 20% more damage with incinerate and allows you to combo Flame thrower/Burnout AOE and Incinerate for a 5 second stun!
  • Advanced Sorcery - first node taken in the Flame Summoner tree - passive that reduces cooldowns
  • Up in Smoke - upgrade to Flame Thrower
  • Flash fire - doubles the range of Burnout
  • Trial by Fire - passive "thorn like" ability that deals decent DPS if your hit - can also apply Burning Agony
  • Pyromania - passive that increase damage when your health is low
  •  Flame Barrier which compliments the builds focus on gaining physical resistance (mentioned below in Armor section)
  • Burning charge - increase range of basic attack
  • Demonic ascension - increases fire resistance by 15%


  • Armor
The two most important focuses relating to armor are equip weight and physical resistance.  Most mobs that you encounter while leveling will deal physical damage so you want to maximize this statistic.  You can do this by using the light weight trait on your armor, reducing the equip weight of medium and even Heavy gear to increase your physical resistance.  The higher level you get the more effective this technique becomes gaining access to light weight II and III.  Using the light weight trait, the goal is to keep your character in the light section of equip weight so that you can maintain maximum mobility while kiting mobs and using your AOE skills.  

  • Weapons
The main focus for your weapon should be Item level.  Every time your able to move up in weapon tier your goal should get as close to the maximum item level for that tier.  

  • Potions - Standard Health and Mana Potions will help you keep grinding.  Prioritize using the highest tier available to you.  Aside from that, if you know that you are going to be fighting a certain type of Enemy, make sure you grab a stack of the highest available tier of weapon coating for that Enemy!



-- redbyrd