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Family Share Disabled, Economy Fixes, and More

Recently Amazon Games Studios posted a notice on the forums regarding family sharing. They stated the following:

"Due to the increase of bots, gold sellers, and ban evaders, we decided to disable family sharing  Today (November 4th, 2021) 12:00 PM (in your local timezone). This decision was not taken lightly and for players who utilize family sharing for a valid reason, we will update this post with instructions for assistance."

Along with the notice about family sharing came a very long and very informative post in the dev blog section of the forums. You can read the full post here, but some of the really big takeaways included AGS addressing the deflating economy issues, economy exploits and gold farming, war lag, how luck works, perks and gem issues, and the watermark system.

Deflating Economy Issues
Amazon Game Studios acknowledged that the economy is tighter in the end-game that is is currently for the early and mid game. This could cause more severe issues in the future as more people push end game, so a few things have been done to address the issue. Two big changes have already happened with the re-enabling of outpost rush that allows players to earn a decent amount of coin from that game mode, and the fix of the Azoth Staff bug which now allows players to complete the high level corrupted breaches which rewards a good amount of gold per hour. They also stated that more changes are coming with the monthly update for November which include:

  • Reduced Durability lost from PvP deaths by 10%.
  • Extended housing tax periods from 5 days to 7 days, without increasing taxed amount
  • Reduced attribute respec coin cost by 60%.
  • Reduced the quantity of honey gained from apiaries by 50% and the amount of milk from cows by 65%. Honey trees are unaffected by this change. We made this change because the volume of milk and honey in the world is higher than our initial estimates. The bees and cows are happy about this change.

The other HUGE news regarding the economy that was announced in the dev blog is that ALL TRADING POSTS WILL BE LINKED following the November update. The rationale was to strengthen the economies less traveled territories, and ensure item availability in all territories. Along with linking the trading posts the following will occur:

  • Fees for buy and sell orders are defined by the Settlement that you’re posting them from.
  • Transaction Taxes on purchases you make are defined by the Settlement in which you are making the purchase.
  • Items listed in sell orders that expire are returned to the Settlement from which they were posted.
  • It is no longer possible to place items on the trading post for 28 days. The maximum is now 14 days.

Economy Exploits and Gold Farming
Recently there was a very big issue in New World regarding coin and item dupes. In the dev blog this issue was addressed and it was made clear that anyone who was exploiting the coin and item dupes have been permanently banned.

In an effort to fix the item and coin duping issue another issue surfaced that enabled players to duplicate coins via Territory upgrades. That issue has been addressed as well in the latest hot fix. All duped coin has been removed from companies who exploited (or accidently triggered) the issue. AGS was able to track how much coin was received from exploitive behavior, and they are actively investigating and taking action against companies to intentionally exploited.

The very annoying chat spam from gold farmers has also been addressed by the following actions:

  • Banned and suspended many of the reported accounts, as well as bot accounts that were holding gold. Thank you for your reports for players spamming chat.
  • Added restrictions to prevent player-to-player trading and currency transfer from characters under level 10, or whose account is less than 72 hours old. Logging in after your account is 72 hours old will enable your ability to trade and transfer currency once you’ve hit level 10.
  • Redistributed coin value from some early quests to later in the Main Story questline, keeping the total amounts of coin earned the same, just delivered in quests slightly later.
  • Trading Post usage will be restricted until new characters accept the “Introduction to Trading Post” quest in their first settlement.

War Lag
War lag has been an issue since the release of New World, and this was a major topic that was also discussed. AGS acknowledged the exploits players were performing by spamming ice gauntlet, fire staff, and life staff in order to create latency problems while capturing points. They state that they have made some initial changes that were achievable in the short term and are working on further updates to address the war lag issues. 

How Luck Works
There has been a lot of confusion surrounding the luck mechanic in New World. According to this developer blog, luck of the general type (not gathering luck) affects your change to roll higher or rarer items from enemies and containers like stockpiles. n the case of furniture schematics and found furniture items, the higher-end storage items are among the most rare. Increasing your Luck will definitely make this more likely to occur, but as with all luck - there’s no guarantee you’ll get it.

Perks and Gem Issues
Currently Perks and Gems in New World have quite a few issues with how they are functioning. AGS stated that their goal is to have all of the perk and gem issues resolved by the monthly update coming later in November. 

Watermark System
There was also some clarity added for how the Watermark system works in New World. Once you reach the level cap you gain an upper gear score limit that gradually increases as more powerful drops appear for you. This is per item type. Only the item drop affects your watermark score. The moment the item drops your watermark is adjusted. You do not have to pick the item up. Crafting or buying items do not give you an increase to you watermark score.

To see more information regarding watermark you can check our watermark tracker.

There were plenty more adjustments made and topics covered in the dev blog including images in chat, faction tokens, property taxes and more. You can read the full article here
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