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New World Expedition Update

New World released details concerning their vision for the most recent addition to MMO's newest PVE feature, Expeditions.  In the article, they define 3 major pillars for their vision:  Attainable Social Experience, New PVE experience, and Unique and Engaging.   Overall it seems like New World aim to make Expeditions a worthwhile experience for PVE patrons in experience, time, and loot, stating that they aim to have unique AI sets for bosses and unique loot tables for each Expedition.
  New  details were also released concerning the newest expedition, Garden of Genesis.  "As an an end-game Expedition intended for level 60 players, the Garden of Genesis will serve as a more challenging experience,"  also stating that with higher level the expeditions, players should expect to  " solve different types of puzzles, fight varying AI, and more have even more challenging experiences."
Finally, they mentioned that they are receiving good feed back from alpha players and that they will continue to study the date obtained closely and use apply it to future Expeditions! For the full article >  Introducing Expeditions - News | New World

Also, check out our latest video, covering what we know about the Garden of Genesis!

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