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New World Elaborates on Changes to Elite POI and End Game

Today, New World Dev Berserker Mike made an official post explaining the intentions of the changes to end game Elite POIs and their overall vision for end game activities.  Below is the post made on the forums.  

Recently changes were made to the Elite POIs in the end game zones and it is clear to us that proper context wasn’t delivered on why those changes were made. Our goal is to have a variety of areas that players can go to for crafting materials and gear. But with new gear and equipment, we want players to be challenged.

Our vision for endgame is multifaceted and includes Outpost Rush and Wars, Invasions and Arenas, 60+ Corrupted breaches, 60+ Elite POIs and named creatures, and Expeditions, with more to come in the future. There will not be one single source for best in slot and our desire is to encourage players to engage with various activities.

We value your time in the endgame and are actively looking into the activities and reward balance. Currently, we are investigating an issue with the Elite chests and their drop rates so the journey into harder content is rewarding. We are also monitoring orb creation and usage in Expeditions. We believe Expeditions should be a big part of your end game loop and will be taking steps towards incorporating them in the near future so please look for updates in the coming months. We appreciate your continued feedback as we incorporate more challenges into Aeternum.

Catch you in Aeternum,
Berserker Mike
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