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New World Development Update #2

New World recently posted a January New World Team Update on their Youtube Channel. The update was presented in an interview format with Greg Henninger, Community Host, interviewing some of the developers and team members from Amazon Games Studios. 

Below is are the major takeaways of the video. You can also view the original video below. 
  • Winter Event ends Jan 25th. 

  • Main Features Coming in January
    • Dungeon Mutations
    • Umbral Shards
    • Expertise max is increasing to 625
    • The reasoning behind increasing the gear score up to 625 was to compliment the dungeon mutation system. Devs stated that this increase may have been a little premature. 
  • Other changes coming in Jan
    • 6 New Spirit Shines being added near all Expeditions and Arenas
    • Reduced the cost of fast travel 
    • More of an effort to have all of the changes added to the patch notes when adding them to the PTR. 

  • February update will be all bug fixes. No new content is expected to be added to the game during February. 
  • Less than ideal mergers happened in December
  • Once housing persistence issue has been resolved they will resume server mergers
  • Character transfers are going to be available after the next round of server mergers, and a second token will be handed out for players that have already used their first token.
  • Full pass on missing perks, ingredients, recipes, mats, and searchability of those items on the TP is coming. 
  • Banning bots is an ongoing effort and the team is working to continuously remove them from the game. 

  • Combat & Balance Changes
    • No major changes to coming soon to weapon balance. There are some minor changes coming. 
    • Desync is being addressed. It is not one big issue but a lot of smaller issues that need to be corrected. There is "strike" team working to resolve the desync issues and it's a top priority to get corrected.
    • A change that addresses weapon swapping is coming to the next PTR for players to test. 
    • There will not be any instant cancel on weapon swaps, but the queue for swapping weapons should work correctly when the change is made on the PTR. 
    • Blunderbuss is still the next weapon that's going to be released.

  • Questions from the Community / Content Creators
Q: Are there any plans for expanding content in the open world, such as, random incursions/dynamic events
A: No specifics given, but the more dynamic the world is the better it is. Future updates will completely support open world and dynamic gameplay. 

Q: Can you talk about the philosophy of bumping the gear score so soon?
A: Mutators and Gear score increase go hand in hand. If that decision was being made now the decision might be different. In hindsight the increase was a little earlier than it could have been. 

Q: Are there any planned changes coming to wars or invasions? And how does the team feel about their current state?
A: War declaration and war perforance are the major focuses at the moment, but long term they want to give casual instances of both war and invasions to players to be able to try out these experiences. 

Q: The new PvP missions, on paper, looked great but in reality, were mundane changes. Can we expect any improvement in the PVP missions?
A: The direction of the missions were an improvement, but the whole process of flipping a territory is a little cumbersome. Part of that is by design, but it's something they are keeping their eyes on. It's not an immediate priority.

Q: Can we expect to see small-scale PvP arenas with a matchmaking system?
A: Some things are in the works, such as arenas and when that happens they will be implemented in a phased approached. These will be tested on the PTR. No timeline was given.

Q: Are we gonna get anything similar to the dev Myrkguard run soon?
A: The devs did a playthrough of Dynasty Mutation level 4 and it will be available soon.

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