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New World Developer Dynasty Shipyard Mutation 4

The Dynasty Shipyard Mutation system is currently on the PTR for players and developers alike to play. This time around the dev team decided to take on and show  new mechanics before they are pushed to live. 

Here is the Team Breakdown: 
Mike Willette   | World Exp. Lead | Spear          | Void Gauntlet   |
Katy Kaczynsk   | Senior Producer | Ice Gauntlet   | Musket          |
Patrick Smedley | Game Designer   | Sword w/ Taunt | Great Axe       |
Zach Holm       | Game Designer   | Life Staff     | Void Gauntlet   |
Darren McKinsey | Game Designer   | Spear          | Sword w/o Taunt |

You can check out the video below to see the full run and let the devs know how they did! You can also check out their official YouTube Channel.

It was a bumpy ride for them and was anything but smooth. Overall they had a positive and enjoyable experience!

Total Time:  1 Hour, 28 Minutes, and 26 seconds the team cleared Dynasty Shipyard Mutation 4
Respawn Count: 81 (Doesn't include when they went down and got picked up)

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