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New World December Update and New PTR Test

New World announced today that they would be putting a new test up on the PTR to showcase the December Update.   New changes include the anticipated winter villages. 


For the December update, new Winter Villages will be marked on the map by snowflakes in Everfall, Monarchs Bluffs, Wever's Fen and Brightwood.  In these villages, you will find Yeti, the Winter Wander who has tons of event items such as armors, weapons, furnishings, skins, consumables, and a delightful “present gifting” emote.   Players can obtain "Winter Tokens" by helping the Yeti's cause to purchase these items

Other activities in the Winter Convergence include the following events:

  • The Convergence Spirit -Celebrate the spirit of the season by giving a helping hand in decorating your favorite Settlement.
    • The Convergence Spirit is a special Town Project that allows players to complete special Town Project Quests to upgrade each Settlements Tree of Light for improved daily rewards!
  • Lost Present Recovery –Those dastardly Frigid Folk are spreading their mischief and stealing present across Aeternum.
    • Located throughout the world are Lost Presents to be recovered and turned in for Winter Tokens at the Winter Villages Holiday Huts.
  • Gleamite Collecting –Bright, glittering, gleaming Gleamite meteors of a multitude of color fall from the nights sky during this time of the year; as destructive as they are beautiful.
    • Gleamite Showers are a new random, dynamic event that occurs at night throughout Aeternum. Keep your eyes and ears open as you search for locations where the showers are most prevalent. Exchange the harvested crystals for Winter tokens at the Winter Village Holiday Huts. Happy hunting!

Ice Caves

These "invasion-like" POIs will appear all over Aternum with a new protagonist "The Winter Warrior."  Players will need to fight the Freeze back or Aeternum will continue to freeze.  AGS mentioned that even after the event, the Ice Caves will remain in the game as POIs

New Quests and Journal Categories

New World also stated they would be adding new "side story quests" including some Housing Quests that would be available after the main storyline was complete.   They also teased new quest categories to help sort your Quest Journal for “Epic Weapons and Armor” quests and for “Skill Progression” quests. Accompanying these changes will also be new pins for the map!


  • Expertise and Gypsum System
    • this system will replace the high watermark system by introducing a new resource to the game - Gypsum.  Players can earn gypsum throughout many end-game activities such as expedition and open-world bosses as well as outpost rush, arenas, Breeches and more!  Gypsum can be made into orbs which can then be used to Cast weapons of any armor, weapon, or jewelry type!  This Cast will then provide a guarantee bump to that type of gear.  
    • The High Water Mark system has now been renamed to Expertise.  A player's Expertise will be displayed to the player in the inventory screen so that players can keep track of their progress.
  • Types of Gypsum
    • Obsidian Gypsum – defeating level 60+ open world named bosses, typically found in Elite Landmarks
    • Sapphire Gypsum – defeating the final bosses of The Lazarus Instrumentality and Garden of Genesis
    • Ruby Gypsum – found in Outpost Rush Caches
    • Emerald Gypsum – found in Trade Skill Aptitude Reward Containers
    • Citrine Gypsum – found in Arena Caches
    • Amethyst Gypsum – found in Breach Caches
    • Topaz Gypsum – found on hostile creatures Level 55+, but only after consuming a special Attunement Potion that can be crafted at a Tier 5 Camp.

The Daily Cooldown is one per Gypsum Type confirmed on the PTR.  This means you can get a Gypsum Cast for 8 different Items types in one day.

One thing that is important to note is that the chances to a HWM increase or Expertise increase they stated the following:

"Note that we’ve tuned down the general chances of getting an Expertise bump to compensate for the guaranteed bumps that were added with Gypsum. Elite chest odds were reduced a little, but open-world named enemies were reduced a lot. But we have increased up the amount your Expertise increases with each bump to make Gypsum Casts and the random bumps feel more valuable."

  • New End-game POI
    • Two new level 66 POIs have been added to the map to help players progress their Expertise.  Both the Imperial Palace (Ebonscale) and Malovelence (Edengrove) have been increased to level 66 zones. 

  • Trade Skill Aptitude
    • Upon reaching level 200, player can now further progress their trade-skills.  Once a player hits 200 they will then have 3 markers appear where the leveling circle was.  At this point, earning Trade Skill XP will progress you to the next marker.  Once you reach a mark, you will be rewarded a Chest that has rewards such as Craft Mods, Special Ingredients, schematics, and more!  The more marks you level through, the better the rewards will get.  

  • Refining
    • Added refining recipes that let you refine 250 of a T5 raw ore, wood, fiber, or rawhide into 1 legendary material. For instance, you can now convert 250 Orichalcum Ore into 1 Tolvium.
    • Orichalcum Ingots can now be crafted with Platinum as well as Starmetal.

  • Equipment Patterns
    • Equipment Patterns are Crafting Artifacts that allow you to craft GUARANTEED 600 gear score items.  Players will need to gather a significant amount of powerful crafting resources to create them and will still need to roll perks with crafting mods and Azoth.  These will be found in the new Trade Skill Aptitude chests.

  • PVP Balances
    • The PVP damage formula has been updated to calculate to accommodate for the enemies gear score value to make higher gear scored items perform better in PVP.
    • Crit damage bonuses are now additive and no longer Multiplied.  New World stated that this should drop crit damage by a small amount
    • Buffer Windows of attacks, dodges and abilities have been update to provide a more smooth combat experience

For the Offical patch notes click here and how to get access to the PTR click here - December PTR Announcement - News | New World

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