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New World Critical Modifiers

Critical Chance and Critical Damage modifiers are important stats that will help you get the most out of your damage. In New World, both of these are greatly influenced by the weapons you have equipped. At this time, both your Primary and your secondary weapon affects your base values of Crit chance and Critical Damage modifier. Below are the New World Critical Modifiers of each weapon:

WeaponCritical Chance %Critical Damage Modifier
Sword and Shield3.0%1.30x
Great Axe3.0%1.30x
War Hammer2.0%1.20x
Great Sword3.0%1.25x
Fire Staff4.0%1.25x
Life Staff2.0%1.20x
Ice Gauntlet 3.0%1.30x
Void Gauntlet 2.0%1.30x
New World Critical Chances and Damage Modifiers

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