Amazon's New World Character Progression | Core Attributes

In New World you will progress in three major ways, Core Attributes, Weapon Mastery, and Trade Skills. New World does not have a traditional class based system, and progression revolves around your core attributes and leveling skills and weapons individually the more you use them. 

In this article we are going to be focusing on how character progression works with your core attributes. 

As your character levels you will gain an attribute point per level. The character level cap is 60, and upon visiting Aeternum for the first time your character will have 5 points in each of the core attributes. You can not drop below that 5 point minimum. 

The points you earn while leveling your character can then be spent to level up your attributes, and those core attributes ultimately guide your overall build. How you spend those attribute points as you level will be crucial to your success in New World. As mentioned before, New World does not have a class based system so you have to make sure you tie your attribute points into the weapons you are wanting to use. 

Strength increases the amount of damage you do with melee weapons. Some melee weapons scale exclusively from strength and other, lighter weapons scale primarily from strength and some from dexterity. 

Dexterity is also the attribute that scales your damage with ranged weapons. 

Intelligence is the attribute you’ll want to spec into if you’re looking to gain damage from your magical weapons. It’s important to note here and very interesting that intelligence also provides increased damage for your pure magic weapons like the fire staff, and it also provides a damage boost to melee weapons that have a magical enchantment on them like a flaming sword for instance. 

This isn’t going to increase the base damage of your melee weapon as that’s reserved for strength and dex as mentioned above, but will scale with the enchantment or magical perk that your weapon has. 

Another very interesting attribute is focus. Focus not only increases your mana regeneration rate but reduces your skill cooldowns as well. This is especially important because cool downs are shared among all three equipped weapons. 

The last attribute is constitution, and it’s pretty straight forward. Putting points into constitution increases your overall health pool making you much tankier. 

It’s also important to point out that attributes are soft capped at 60 points. You can go beyond that cap with the help of items, such as jewelry and gems that are slotted into your weapons that have attribute bonuses but there are diminishing returns on any point spent above the soft cap. 

Also, If you feel like you’ve messed up your build or simply want to re-roll a build it is possible to re-spec your attribute points early on for free and then later down the road by paying coin to do so. 

So, as you can see attribute points are going to play a vital part in character progression and the overall effectiveness of your build. Because there is not a class based system in new world it opens up the possibility of having a ton of different variations in pla ystyle.