Amazon’s New World Character Progression | Weapon Masteries

In New World you will progress in three major ways, Core Attributes, Weapon Mastery, and Trade Skills

In this article we are going to be focusing on how character progression works with Weapon Mastery in New World.

So, let’s jump right into how you progress your Weapon Masteries. 

In New world you can equip any weapon at any time. Your character is not locked to a specific weapon based on a class you pick. New World does not have a class based system and you can master every single weapon in the game if you so choose.

Once you have a weapon equipped you then just need to go use that weapon in combat and kill a creature in order to gain experience for that particular weapon’s mastery. Once you have gained enough weapon mastery experience you will then be rewarded with a skill point that can be spent on an ability within the skill trees of that weapon. 

Every weapon in the game has 2 separate skill trees, and each one of the skill trees has a selection of active abilities, passive modifiers, and bonuses that are exclusive to that weapon that can be specced into as you progress down the skill trees. 

It’s important to point out here that each weapon maxes out at level 20, and each weapon has a total of 16 abilities on each tree, totaling 32 abilities. This means that you can not learn every skill the weapon has to offer and will have to choose which abilities you want in your build. 

You are not limited to going down one tree or the other, so you could decide to put, for example, in the axe weapon mastery trees, 10 points into the berserk tree and 10 points into the throwing axe tree if you wanted to go that route.

Each tree within a weapon mastery has 3 active abilities as well, totaling 6 for a weapon. You can only equip 3 active abilities at a time so there will be choices that will have to be made there as well. 

Don’t worry if you spec into something you don’t like or want to change your build later on though, because you can respec the entire mastery tree by paying a respec fee using Azoth. 

Also, notice that the axe damage scales off of both strength and dexterity. So, if you decide to go the axe route it’s important to properly distribute your core attribute points as well. You can find more about that topic in the article covering core attributes.