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New World Blunderbuss Sword and Burst Build


This New World Blunderbuss Sword and Shield Build is for Arenas and Outpost Rush. This build revolves heavily around your abilities being active but has the potential to one-shot your opponent. This can be useful for taking out high damage opponents and healers very quickly in arenas and Outpost Rush, giving your team the upper hand. 


  • High burst damage
  • Decent Mobility 


  • Relies heavily on abilities being active
  • Long cooldowns on abilities
  • Glass Cannon
  • Lack of AoE damage

Mastery Points

Sword & Shield

Active Abilities – Leaping Strike, Shield Bash, Defiant Stance

For this build, the sword and shield will primarily be used to stun your opponent to set up the blunderbuss damage.

You will want to fully upgrade all three of the abilities. By doing so you will get additional damage and CC out of your Leaping Strike and Shield Bash abilities. You will also get some much-needed tankiness and self-sustain by fully upgrading Defiant Stance. 

The passives you take will support additional damage, and more importantly, allow you to push into the Leadership passive to provide your team with a nice damage increase. 

Sword and Shield Mastery Points


Active Abilities – Claw Shot, Azoth Shrapnel Blast, Blast Shot

You are going to take the blunderbuss abilities that will allow you to essentially one-shot your opponent with a massive amount of burst damage.

Next, fully upgrade Azoth Shrapnel Blast to greatly increase your damage with this ability. You do not want to upgrade Claw Shot or Blast Shot fully.

The last upgrade for Claw Shot will grant you one additional ammunition. You do not want this for the one-shot build. You are going to take the passive Deep Load. This passive allows the last shot loaded into your blunderbuss to deal increased damage. You will want to pack as much damage into as little shots as possible to get the combo off, so you will want the second auto to deal increased damage instead of pushing that out to a 3rd auto. 

You will leave Blast Shot at the second upgrade and take an additional passive that either reduces your cooldown reduction or increases your damage mitigation. Both of those are more important to this build than the increased movement speed provided by the Lingering Flow upgrade. 

The passives you take will support additional damage, cooldown reduction, and increased damage mitigation. 

Blunderbuss Mastery Points


For the one-shot combo, you will want to be shooting for high damage. The blunderbuss is a split stat weapon between Strength and Intelligence so you will need both. You are going to shoot for 250 Strength, 150 Intelligence, and 100 Constitution. 

If you are getting killed too easily you can push your Constitution up to 150 and drop your Intelligence to 100. Your one-shot combo will not be as effective, but you will still provide a good amount of burst damage for your team and can still easily finish off the damaged targets for your team. 


In this Section of the One-Shot Blunderbuss – New World Blunderbuss Build, we will break down what equipment you will use. This includes armor perks, weapon perks, and equip weight.

For this Blunderbuss build, we will be in the light equip weight category. You will want as much damage as possible. The way to obtain light equip weight for this build is the following:

Light Helmet, Chest, Gloves, Pants, and Boots

Round Shield


Most of the armor you need to run the Blunderbuss build will be obtained through crafting or random drops. Below are the recommended perks for your setup:

This build relies heavily on having your abilities active and executing your combo. Cooldown reduction is vital to the build Refreshing is important to have on your gear for that reason. You could replace Refreshing with Refreshing Evasion if you roll a piece with Refreshing Evasion on it. However, Refreshing is recommended due to it reducing your max cooldowns for both weapons vs your active cooldown. You will be able to perform your combo more often. 

If you can not get 3 perk legendaries, shoot for Resilient and Venturing Claw Shot on one piece and Resilient Refreshing or Resilient Shirking Fortification on the other pieces. Leeching Shrapnel Blast can also be replaced with Shirking Fortification. It just provides a nice boost to self sustain, but is optional. 

You could farm the Wizened pieces from the Tempest Heart Expedition if you can’t craft some of the gear. These pieces have the Intelligence Attribute, and have both Shirking Fortification and Refreshing on them. They have a third perk as Elemental Aversion which is not terrible, but not ideal for this build. These pieces coupled with 2 other pieces could round out the build until you could obtain best in slot pieces.  



There are several great drops for swords. You would ideally want rogue as your first choice of perk. Enchanted would also work if you can not obtain a sword with Rogue on it. Some great options for your sword would include:

Primordial Edge – Obtained from the Blighted Greenskeeper in the Garden of Genesis

Timekeeper’s Hand – Obtained from the Leviathan of the Deep in the Shattered Mountain Mines

Infernus – Obtained from the Disciple of Disorder in Myrkguard

Promise of Power – Obtained from the Dynasty Shipyard Expedition

Deeproot – Obtained from Viridulon the Rootbound in the Eternal Pools

Blackguard’s Longsword – Obtained from Headman Pang in the Tempest Heart Expedition

The Primordial Edge would be ideal, but any of the above would work for the build. 

You will want to slot an Opal in this weapon.


You will want to shoot for Refreshing, Keen, and vicious on your round shield. You can obtain this shield from random drops from several expeditions or it can be crafted. 


For your Blunderbuss you would ideally want to shoot for one of the Attunement Perks (Flame Attunement, Frost Attunement, etc), Enchanted, and Vorpal. 

However, crafting an item with those specific perks can be difficult. There are a few drops that would work as well.

Slayer – Obtained from the Leviathan of the Deep in the Shattered Mountain Mines. This weapon does have Venturing Claw Shot on it, so if using this weapon you could replace venturing claw shot on your armor with Shirking Fortification. 

SpreadShot – Obtained from the Disciple of Disorder in Myrkguard. This weapon has Leeching Shrapnel Blast on it, so if using this weapon you could replace that perk on your armor with Shirking Fortification. This also has Mortal Fortification which will be pretty good. You will likely kill your opponent in one combo so gaining the fortification afterward will help you survive a collapse from the enemies around. 

Singular – Dropped by several different enemies in the open world that are level 60+

You will want to slot an Opal in this weapon. During the combo, you will be rolling forward. Having the opal in your weapon will increase your damage after the roll. 


Amulet – Refreshing / Refreshing Evasion, Divine, Health


For your ring, you can farm out Smooth Bone Ring from the Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition.


For your earring, you can farm out the Doom’s Chance from the Caretaker in Garden of Genesis


You’ll want to utilize the following consumables for this build:

Honing Stone

Infused Health Potion

Infused Regeneration Potion

Hearty Meal

Along with one of the following depending on your attribute distribution from your gear. You can check a full list of consumables by checking out our consumables guide.

How to Use Build

The New World Blunderbuss Sword and Shield one-shot build revolves heavily around having your abilities up. You will be very squishy so timing your combo well and picking the appropriate target is key. 

Your combo is the following. Leaping Strike – Shield Bash – Blast Shot – Dodge roll forward to target – Auto – Azoth Shrapnel Blast – Claw Shot – Auto.

If you can not land the shield bash after the leaping strike (much harder to do so after the summer update) you can claw shot to close the gap – blast shot – dodge roll forward – azoth shrapnel blast.

After performing the combo your target should be dead or will have taken a significant amount of damage. Your role after that will be to stay alive until you’re able to perform your bust combo again. During that time you can utilize Defiant Stance for damage mitigation and a self-heal. Make sure you’re utilizing your shield as well to block incoming attacks.

During the downtime between combos, you can also help deal some damage with your sword auto and blunderbuss light attacks (or auto attacks) to help your team. Make sure you don’t go too deep or go in by yourself without your full combo up. 

New World Blunderbuss Build Conlusion

That concludes our New World Blunderbuss One Shot Build, Remember to be patient, pick you targets wisely, use your cooldowns effectively, and you’ll be one-shotting people in no time!

Stream Team