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New World Arenas PTR Update 2

Today (5/12/2022) New World released patch notes for the PTR, titled New World PTR patch 2.  Some of the highlights of these patches include:

  • Fix to Fishing Trophies allowing players to get the benefit of 3 major trophies
  • Several Nerfs to Blunderbuss including reduction of damage to Azoth Shrapnel Blast, Blast Shot, and Key Passive Unload.
  • Several bug fixes to Arena including the Voice Audio for the Arena Announcer

Another included removing the gem slot of Shields that were obtained from Invasion boxes.  New World stated - "Shields are not supposed to have gem sockets, and this brings Invasion Shields back in line with other shields."

For the list of fixes, head over to PTR: PvP Arenas Update: Release Notes - Public Test Realm - New World Forums

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