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New World April Developer Update

Greetings Adventurers,
The PlayNewWorld Youtube channel released an April Developer Update for New World. They have a few talking points that can be reviewed in text format below.  Studio Loot wants to give a shoutout to all the people in the video for all the support you bring to New World (In no specific order);

  • Scott Lane: Game Director
  • Tina Degenhart: Community Host
  • Katy Kaszynski: Senior Producer
  • Greg Jones: Lead QA
  • Phil Bolus: Open World Lead
  • David Verfaillie: Creative Director
  • Dave Hall: Player Experience Lead
  • Dan Henuber: Social Features Lead

Deep Dive on the Upcoming Update

There will not be any major content with this April update, but there will be a lot of Quality of Life, QoL, features. Katy's favorite QoL feature is that map will be zoomed into the settlement while you are in it and opening the map. So, you no longer need to zoom into whatever settlement you are in at the time of opening your map! Greg's favorite QoL change is how targeting healing now works. So, make sure to test out target healing after this patch.

In a previous Developer Video, Greg brought up the Player Insights tool in which they have an AI program sort out player feedback. Previously it would only focus on in-game feedback and the forums, however steam reviews are part of the algorithm for checking player feedback.  Additionally, in the February Dev Video, Greg said stated that they've fixed ~700 bugs and could do better. Well, as it turns out they did just that! This time they've fixed over ~1,500 bugs.

The group then talked about the small QoL updates that new players have had a chance to experience from the February update and the two recent events that are now over. The Double Experience and the Free to Play Weekends. They are planning to host more events like these in the future, but they are still determining what and when they will be.

Upcoming Events

Previously we had the Double Experience event and there was a lot of positive feedback from the New World community behind this. Because of the positivity, Amazon Games would like to continue these kinds of events and thanks everyone for the positivity.

The current event going on right now, Rabbit's Revenge, will drop "Hecken good loot" according to Phil. (Check out Studio Loot's guide for more information on that) And yes Phil, I made sure that it was noted for you (If you anyone from Amazon Games read this, let him know). Katy expresses her fondness for Stanley and the rabbits. That she doesn't like killing them, but will do it since they are corrupted for this event. 

There are definitely more events in the works, but it is still a little too early to speak more on them at this time. Make sure to check out the next developer video with more information on upcoming events.

Looking Beyond The Next Update

On the New World Forums, there are 3 common topics that seem to come up that the community wants to know more about; general PvP, 3v3 Arenas, and Expedition Finder. David Verfaillie did confirm that the next update, May, will be PvP focused. The PvP rewards track should release with May's update along with the new PvP currency, PvP Salt. "The Salt of his tears will power me." - David Verfaillie.

Next up is the 3v3 Arenas. You will be able to queue up similar to OPR, use your map. It will likely be under the current Modes tab that is in game now. It is setup to be best of 5 rounds, so you must win 3 matches to win in the arena. You will be able to solo queue or group queue. For the longer fights, there will be a ring of fire that slowly closes in on the players, so make sure to end the fight quickly! 

Finally the Expedition Finder. You are able to make an expedition listing using the finder tool when interacting with the expedition door. You will be able to select what roles you want; tank, healer and dps. Additionally, you can check out the player's stats using this mechanic. Including, but not limited to, average gear score, weapon masteries, and spec. When creating a listing, you have the ability to set the min/max gear score requirements to join. 

Community Questions

Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions for the developers of New World. Sometimes a request for more information rather than a question too. 

More information about Transfers, regional and non-regional, and tokens please!
Regional Transfers are almost here. Most of the groundwork will be part of April's update and will be able to open them up "soon after" - Katy. Paid character transfers will be in the store soon after the update as well.

Weapon Balance (Mostly the Bow)
Dave agrees that the Bow is not up to par with the other weapons. The fluidity of the attacks or your abilities not canceling out. Even some of the abilities not useful to the weapon. So, currently all the aspects, including the rate of fire and damage, are actively being worked on right now. 


New World has been around for 6 months now! Thank you everyone for providing all the feedback and keep them coming. Scott shares some fun numbers; 

  • 33,427 Wars fought on Aeternum
  • Almost 8 Million Expeditions (Little under)
  • Captain Thrope (In the Depths) has killed 4,830,397 people and claims the highest kill counter
  • 413,000,000 player deaths on Aeternum

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