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New Weapons Coming To New World?

German Youtubers Rocket Beans,  released a New World video on August 23rd of them playing a "friends and family" version of the game.  In the video, leaked images of possible future weapons can be found including the recently hinted Void Gauntlet, Daggers, and the Blunderbuss!  Below are screenshots of the leaked images and descriptions of some of the possible new weapons.  For the Full video - (2) NEW WORLD #3 - Die rechte & die linke Hand des Heilers | mit Simon & Dennis - YouTube

In the first image, you can see the daggers underneath the one-handed weapon category.  The tooltip describes them as dual-wielding weapons for close-ranged melee and throwing attacks.

Though both the Dagger and the Blunderbuss have placeholder images, you can see a filled-in image of a sword or dagger under the Dexterity stat with the weapons that scale from Dexterity primarily.
The next two images show a new ranged weapon - the Blunderbuss.  From the second image, it seems like the Blunderbuss is the first ranged weapon to scale from Strength only! 

Images from the video seem to confirm that the sneak peek images from the Gamescom event we're indeed the much anticipated Void Gauntlet.  The image from the video shows the gauntlet grasping a "ring-like" device similar to the Gamescom images.
The final images show that, as of right now, the Void Gauntlet will scale primarily from Intelligence and have Focus as a secondary stat!  This is displayed by the darker, more detailed, image of the Void Gauntlet on the attribute being above Intelligence while the more hallow-looking darker image of the gauntlet being above focus.  This follows the trend of other weapons that have 2 stat scaling!

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