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New Valentine Day Skins

Amazon Games added a new set of Valentine Skins to the in-game store. A few screen shows can be found below for a simple preview of them. Below are the names of the items that were added:
  • Cupid’s Bow
  • Glowing Admiration
  • Love’s Cool Embrace
  • Piercing Beauty
  • Heartpiercer
  • Crush
  • Hallelujah Cannon
  • Angelic Bulwark
  • Spark of Light
  • Moloch’s Fall
  • Labor of Love
  • Knight oF Devotion
  • Fool for Love
  • Waveborne

Update: Sadly these skins didn't stay on the MTX store for long as they evidently are causing server crashes. Once fixed these skins will be back in the store for purchase. 

We've disabled the Corrupted Love Pack skins and the new Angels and Demons skins in the store to investigate a bug where the skins were causing a server crash. We are currently investigating the issue and are working on a fix. Players who purchased these skins before they were removed should be able to still use them. Once a fix is implemented, you will be able to purchase the skins again.
 - Amazon Games (Source)

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