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New World Hands-On Previews and Gameplay Round-Up

Earlier this year, AGS invited a few of the large gaming press to their Irvine studio for a hands-on preview of the latest version of New World. Today their embargo was lifted and so we're hit with a round of articles with juicy new details about the current state of the game.

Make sure to read the articles, there is also a video showing some of the new gameplay (although in German). Here's a quick summary of some important details:

  • The combat is cited as the strong point of the game, with its Dark Souls influence and being engaging in both PvE and PvP.
  • The new quests and PvE elements are described as cookie-cutter and lifeless, uninspired, and unoriginal.
  • You level up through XP and can increase your attributes as you level.
  • You level up weapon masteries separately through usage and unlock more skills.
  • You can unlock three quick-swap weapon slots.
  • There are quest NPCs (with exclamation marks above their heads), but only a few quests exist so far to get you accustomed to the game. There are more quests through town projects once you make it to a settlement.
  • The three factions are the Marauders (militaristic faction), the Syndicate (secretive), and the Covenant (religious themed). These factions offer missions for gear and other rewards.
  • During a siege, the attackers have to capture and hold several objectives at multiple stages to make it into the fort and conquer it.
  • Progression systems in New World are Weapon Mastery, Trade Skills, Faction Reputation, Territory Standing, and the "PVP Elder Game".
  • Weapon Mastery improves through usage of a particular weapon and there are 30 skills to unlock for each weapon.
  • There are more than a dozen different tradeskills.
  • Faction and territory standing is gained by simple playing the game in a particular area and unlocks rewards specific to that location (additional XP in that territory, reduced trade tax, etc).
  • There are no mounts or naval battle but both might be added in the future of players want it.
  • You can purchase a house at level 20 and another at level 40 and 60.
  • They are aiming for 1000-2000 players per server at launch.
  • The economy is entirely player-driven.

- PCGamer

Gameplay video (German):

We'll update this post as we find more articles, and our New World Overview will also be updated with the new info later today!
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