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New Fate and Fortune Skins

Greetings Adventurers,
A new set of skins are now part of the in-game store for New World. All the skins focus around the Fate and Fortune and their relationship with the sun and moon. These skins will remain in the store until May 23rd, 2022. In addition to all the skins, new housing items and returning dyes will be part of this skin event, so make sure to pick them up before they are gone.

Marks of Fortune Breakdown
Skin Type      | Skin Name               | Marks of Fortune Cost
Full Armor Set | Moonborne               | 15,000
Full Armor Set | Starbound               | 15,000
Shield         | Hekate's Tower          |  8,500
Hatchet        | Crescent's Curve        |  8,500
Spear          | Faith's Lance           |  7,500
Life Staff     | The Magician's Delight  |  8,500
Void Gauntlet  | Setting Sun's Darkness  |  7,500
Blunderbuss    | Fortuneteller           |  8,500
All Tools Pack | Destiny's Guile         | 20,000
Housing Décor  | Fate and Fortune Bundle | 20,000
House Pet      | Pig of Mystery          | 12,000
Campfire       | Edifice of Eros         | 20,000
Campfire       | Fortune Teller's Tent   | 20,000
Campfire       | Full Moon Marquee       | 20,000
Emote          | [Vid]Roast Marshmallows |  5,000
Emote          | [Vid]Beat the Heat      |  5,000
Emote          | [Vid]Back at Ya         |  4,000
Dye            | (5x) Subline Bone Dye   |  3,000
Dye            | (5x) Blood Dye          |  3,000
Dye            | (5x) Burnt Sienna Dye   |  3,000
Dye            | (5x) Blue Steel Dye     |  3,000
Dye            | (5x) Spring Grape Dye   |  3,000

Let's take a look at all these items that are now part of the in-game store. (For the emotes, click the [Vid] to see a youtube video of the emote in action.)



Hekate's Tower

Crescent's Curve

Faith's Lance

The Magician's Delight

Setting Sun's Darkness


Destiny's Guile

Fate and Fortune Housing Decor

Pig of Mystery

Edifice of Eros

Fortune Teller's Tent

Full Moon Marquee

Consumable Dyes

** Please note; any money that you use on the real money store for New World will support Amazon Games. Studio Loot is just bringing awareness to these new skins. ** 
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