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May PTR Patch Notes - Arenas and PvE

Hello Adventurers,
Amazon Games is pushing up their May PTR to be live now! As of April 28th, 2022 at 10AM PT the PTR went live with the new update. This update comes with features for PvP and PvE players alike. I dare say I think Amazon wants to spend a bit more time on or push this May content patch out sooner than later. Let's take a look at what is coming to New World!

PTR PvE Changes 

New Mutations And New Expedition Mutation
PTR Focus Feedback Mutations - If you are playing on the PTR and would like to provide feedback on the new Mutations or the New Expedition Mutation, please use that forum link and let Amazon Games know.

3 New Mutations Types
  • Overgrown - Nature Damage and Resistances; New Abilities Toxic/Compost
  • Barbaric - Physical Damage and Resistances; New Abilities Berserk/Shattering
  • Fiendish - Curses that focus on the nocturnal; New Abilities Weary/Blood Offering

New Expedition Mutation - The Depths
The Depths will now be part of the Mutations Cycle. Keep your eyes open for when you can take on this new challenge.

Combat Tuning
As part of the combat tuning, Equipment Load Bonuses and bow movement will be adjusted to bring in line with everything else currently in game. PTR Focus Feedback Combat Tuning - If you are playing on the PTR and would like to provide feedback on the new combat tuning, please use that forum link and let Amazon Games know!

Varangian Knights - Episode 2
4 New Varangian Knights are now part of the game (Crusher, Spearman, Hound, and Mage). They can be found outside Everfall at a new Varangian Camp at Sorcerers Delve. This is not end game content, but new side quest for level 25 - 30 players. There is also a PTR Focus Feedback Varangian Knights Ep2 for those who test out this new side quest. 

PTR PvP Changes

3v3 Player vs Player Arenas
Small Scale PvP Arenas are now live on the PTR. PTR Focus Feedback Arena - Like always, provide feedback there for the Arenas on the PTR. Make sure you do so your voice is heard!

Player vs. Player Rewards Track
A Rewards track comes with PvP XP and Azoth(PvP), Salt. Earn both currencies from Wars, Outpost Rush, Arenas, PvP Missions, and Open World. Really just anything PvP will earn you rewards. Achievements and Ranks come with the rewards track. PTR Focus Feedback Rewards Track - And make sure to provide feedback about the PvP rewards track. Let them know you love or hate the idea of getting PvE Rewards for doing PvP. (Yes, there are currently PvE rewards for doing PvP)

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