List of Servers for the New World Preview Event

The New World team has posted a list of server names and their locations ahead of the preview event. Keep in mind that more servers will be added if necessary.

Server Location World Name -------------------------- EU Fort (Balmy Veldt) EU Pondscum (Balmy Veldt) EU Rusty (Balmy Veldt) EU Waterway (Balmy Veldt) EU Yafda (Balmy Veldt) EU Bark (Blighted Wilds) EU Hovel (Blighted Wilds) EU Pox (Blighted Wilds) EU Rotfellow (Blighted Wilds) EU Spryla (Blighted Wilds) EU Curse (Brackwater) EU Ebonrock (Brackwater) US East Breakwater (Cascade Harbor) US East Haven (Cascade Harbor) US East Inkwell (Cascade Harbor) US East Pride (Cascade Harbor) US East Stoneview (Cascade Harbor) US East Hydnora (Cruel Vista) US East Knot (Cruel Vista) US East Leyroot (Cruel Vista) US West Alioth (Devil’s Quarry) US West Bayhowl (Devil’s Quarry) US West Crone (Devil’s Quarry) US West Hurtfang (Devil’s Quarry) US West Offal (Devil’s Quarry) US West Fanglethorn (Fertile Crescent) South America Crown (Fury Bay) South America Might (Fury Bay) South America Redemption (Fury Bay) South America Satisfaction (Fury Bay) South America Torrentdawn (Fury Bay) Asia Pacific Bounty (Jawbone Cove) Asia Pacific Coronation (Jawbone Cove)
-- Takyn