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New World Update 1.0.5

In the most recent patch to New World, 1.0.5, AGS takes aim at combat fixes, Gold sellers, and quality of life improvements.  

First, AGS boasted a fix to the duplications bugs that occurred earlier this week that caused player trading and wealth exchange to be shut down.  They also added some quality of life improvements, reducing the cost of respec for both attributes(down 60%) and weapon mastery(down 70%).  They also reduced the cost of the chisels used to make tuning orbs.  They have stated in recent comments that they have more changes planned to help reduce the time consumption of tuning orb crafting to get more people in the end-game expeditions.
1.0.5 will also fix many known combat issues including the bug to the Resilient perk.  This perk will now, correctly, only apply to the reduction of critical hit damage and not all damage like it is currently.  They also added that Group scaling passives, including Against All Odds, have also been fixed to apply the correct amount of damage increase, and no longer stacks inappropriately.  Last but not least, Spell strike consistency has been improved to AOE spells such as Ice storm and Gravity well!

AGS is now adding restrictions to player trading under level 10 and accounts that are less than 72 hours old.  They noted that they have seen all of our reports of people spamming chat and our taking action based on some of the common traits they have found in the gold-selling accounts.  They also pushed some of the gold rewards for quests to later levels to help make it more difficult for these accounts to accumulate gold.  

More fixes were introduced for Outpost Rush.  AGS Fixed the capability of players to exit from the starting fort of one side of Outpost Rush matches.  They also
Fixed the ability of players to simultaneously interact with the Corrupted altar in Outpost Rush to gain multiple brute summoning tokens at one time.  Finally, New World
Fixed the buff that Battle bread gave in Outpost Rush that caused it to be 2x as effective as it should.

Amazon Games announced the patch notes of their latest patch (v 1.0.5) will be applied after downtime on November 4th starting at 9am CST.  For a full list of updates and general New World bug fixes, check out the official patch notes

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