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January PTR Patch 2

January 13 the PTR servers were updated with the second patch for the future content of New World. Below is a list of some of the notable changes that are part of the patch notes. Make sure to check them out yourself as well for an in depth look at them. 

  • 6 New Fast Travel Locations outside of expedition locations
  • 20+ various bug fixes
  • Varity of Outpost Rush changes (Brutes cost more and summoning tokens drop on death)
  • GS 585 casting will now produce +2 items up to 599; used to be +1
  • Housing Taxes changes (90% reduction will be gone soon!)
  • Azoth Vials nerf (Less from Aptitude chests)
  • Levels 23-40 gained a 20% experience boost
  • Orb material Chisels are now tradable
  • Normal Orbs can be bought from faction vendors once per week
  • Bound items will only take damage on death now
  • Corrupted Breach will now show on your maps again

If you haven't been keeping up with the things from the PTR, make sure to check out our guides about the Mutations and the Umbral Shards

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