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January PTR Patch 3

January 20th the PTR servers were updated with the third patch for the future content of New World. Below is a list of some of the notable changes that are part of the patch notes. Make sure to check them out yourself as well for an in depth look at them. 

  • Fixed dysnc on weapon animations
  • Umbral Shards can be applied on GS 590 items after reaching 600 expertise
  • Gypsum Orbs no longer have a cool down to craft
  • Amrine Excavation, Starstone Barrows, The Depths, and Dynasty Shipyard Expedition Tuning Orbs can be purchased from the Faction Shop once a day
  • Garden of Genesis and Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition Tuning Orbs can be purchased once a week
  • Expedition Orb Materials are now tradable
  • Cheaper Expedition Orb crafting requirements
  • [New Limited Time Item] Bag of Juniper Berries:  Provides 50-150 coins and some Juniper berries per bag. You can find 3 bags a day
  • Some Elite Chests were moved to be closer to their elites guarding them
  • 20+ variety of bug fixes

If you haven't been keeping up with the things from the PTR, make sure to check out our guides about the Mutations and the Umbral Shards
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