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January PTR - Expedition Mutations & New 625 Expertise Level!

The first week of 2022 and AGS are starting back up their PTR servers today, January 6th 2022! Starting at 2pm PST the servers will be online and players will be able to play test the up coming future patch for New World. Coming soon will be expedition mutations and a bump in the expertise level to 625. Below are some of the highlights in the PTR patch notes. 

Expedition Mutators (Modifiers)
  • New End-Game Feature
  • Changes expeditions with a weekly mutation
  • Mutations are viewable before entry
  • Elemental, Promotions, & Curses
    • Elemental: Hellfire - Enemies are infused with fire damage with a chance to burn on attack
    • Elemental: Eternal - Enemies are infused with void damage with a chance to debuff on attack
    • Promotion: Savage - Enemies apply healing reduction to players and spawn beams around them
    • Promotion: Indomitable - Enemies have life stealing and can summon a phalanx to block incoming damage
    • Curses: Desiccated - (New Mechanic!) players will sometimes combust with energy and empowered curses needs to be cleansed by walking into the combusting player 
    • Curses: Censored - Players will explode after using a certain amount of abilities and create a silence zone around all players; when empowered players will lose the natural mana regeneration and must enter a zone to regenerate mana
  • Can only craft 1 orb a week; but can buy more via faction vendor
  • Only 1 orb type for ANY mutation expedition
  • New bespoke gear and resources
  • A Recommended Gear Score for entry
  • Scoring system based upon performance
    • Time, Kill Count, Named Kills, Party Wipes, Player Respawns
    • Bronze, Silver, and Gold Rankings
    • Higher Score unlocks higher tiers and better loot
  • 10 Tier system that you can climb the ranks

Umbral Upgrade System (GS 600-625 System)
  • Can upgrade gear from GS 600 to 625 by using Umbral Shards
  • Shards come from Expedition Mutations, Gypsum Casts, and Crafting
  • Using an Umbral Shard on an item binds the item to the player
  • Requires you to reach Expertise 600 to unlock this system
  • Does not apply to any 599 GS or lower items; must be 600+

Other Major Points with this PTR patch
  • Reduced Fast Travel Costs
  • PvP damage Formula changed
  • Longer spawn times for level 35+ elite POIs
  • Varies AI changes (Bears, Skeletons, Knights and more!)
  • Expertise Gear Scaling/Normalization 
    • Crafters will have an expertise bump when crafting items
    • Equipping higher GS than your expertise will have it's effective GS averaged between it's value and your expertise value 
  • Removed the ability to send players gold (Can still trade gold)
  • Increased the chances of getting a Topaz Gypsum
  • Topaz Potions can be crafted at the Arcana Stations now

For a more in depth look at the patch notes move on over to the official forums and check them out yourself!

Below are a few screen shots from the PTR:

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