How to Fast Travel in New World

Updated as of last patch on 09/08/2021

There are no mounts in New World, and it can take quite a bit of time to move around, however,  there are some fast travel options available in game. 

The first option is by traveling to a settlement (not a fort), and visiting the Inn. Once you visit the Inn you can talk with the Innkeeper and receive the option to gain fast travel to that particular settlement. You can only have one Inn active at a time, so if you travel to another settlement and set that settlement as your fast travel location via the Inn option it overrides the previous Inn you had selected.

Once you have visited an Inn and set it as your fast travel location you can then fast travel back to your selected inn from anywhere in Aeternum. Simply press M to open your map, and click on the settlement you have chosen. You will then see the option to “Recall to Inn.”  There is a 1 hour cooldown associated with this option.

Option number 2 is fast travel by using the resource Azoth. Open your map and click on the settlement you wish to travel to.  Below the “Recall to Inn” Option there is “Fast Travel” Option. This option costs Azoth, and the cost varies based on:

  • Base Cost - 50 Azoth
  • Distance - 5 Azoth per 100 meters
  • Encumbrance Amount - 4 Azoth per 10 weight
  • Faction Discounts
  • Company Discounts

You must have enough Azoth, and must have visited a settlement before you can use this option. You can only use this option if you are at another fast travel location, such as a settlement or another Fast Travel Point (option 4 below).

Option number 3 is through home ownership. If you own a home within a settlement and are not past due on your taxes then you can use that home as a fast travel location to that particular settlement. You can own up to 3 different houses across Aeternum, each with an independent fast travel cooldown. The cooldown timer varies based on the tier of home you own:

Tier 1 - 4 Hours
Tier 2 - 3 Hours
Tier 3 - 2.5 Hours
Tier 4 - 2 Hours

Option number 4 is through discovering Fast Travel points, called Spirit Shrines, across Aeternum. Spirt Shrines are locations that allow players to fast travel from location to location at the cost of Azoth. These points work very much like option 2, and the Azoth cost is based on the metrics. You can find all the spirit shrines by visiting our interactive map and filtering by cities and other and selecting spirit shrines.