How to Build a Camp in New World

Updated as of the latest patch on 09/09/2021

In New World you can build a camp while traversing the wilderness. A camp is incredibly useful as it serves as a re-spawn point if you die (there's a respawn timer for PvP - more about that below), you can rest at a camp to regain HP quickly, and you can craft basic items at your camp.

So, how does one go about obtaining the ability to create a camp? Well, you must first complete a series of quests in order to unlock the ability to craft a camp.

Once you wash up on the shores of Aeternum you’ll be guided through a series of beginner quests on the beach. You will need to complete those quests. If you do not complete those quests you will not be able to access the quests in town. So, do not skip these.

Once you complete the first few quests you will then be directed to the closest town. You will need to continue to progress through the quest line and you’ll eventually be directed to the survivalist. Once you’re directed to the survivalist in your applicable starter town you’ll be able to complete the quest that will grant you the ability to craft your camp in the wild.

If you want to see the series of quests you’ll need to complete based on which starter area you spawn into check out the quest database here

Once you gain the ability to craft your camp you will then craft it by finding a good spot outside of town and pressing the default key “Y.” This will then give you a ghost camp that you can place. 

Once placed you will then need 5 wood and 1 flint in order to actually craft the tent. Once you have the materials, you’ll need to approach your ghost camp and press the default key of “E” in order to actually build your camp. 

Once your camp is constructed you can then rest at your camp by pressing the default key of “T” and you can craft basic items including tools, potions, tinctures, food, and a basic sword. 

You will unlock different tiers of your camp through specific quests in the world at the following levels: 

Level 5 – Camping Tier 1
Level 15 – Camping Tier 2
Level 25 – Camping Tier 3
Level 40 – Camping Tier 4
Level 55 – Camping Tier 5

As you level your camp you will have the ability to craft higher tier potions, tinctures, food, and weapon coatings.

You can craft basic Health Recovery, Mana Recover, and Defense Recovery foods all the way up to tier 5, corruption tinctures up to tier V (these can only be crafted at your camp), blight tinctures up to tier V, and arrows up to tier 2. You can also craft beast, ancient, wraith, corrupted, and angry earth weapon coatings up to tier V at your camp. 

You can not craft higher than tier 1 tools or a tier 1 sword at the camp regardless of the camps level. 

There are some important differences for your camp respawning when flagged for PvP
  • When flagged for PvP, choosing to respawn at a camp activates an incrementally-increasing respawn cooldown.
    • For each subsequent camp respawn, this cooldown increases.
    • If the player chooses to respawn elsewhere (for instance, at a settlement), the cooldown will continue counting down in the background.
      • If the player dies while flagged for PvP while the cooldown is counting down, the time increment will be added to the current value.
      • This makes respawning at a settlement and running back into the fray a great way for players to lower their camp cooldown.