New World Lore Spotlight - Heron’s Field Notes

Heron's Field Notes is a piece of New World Lore that tells the story about a researcher in Aeternum trying to discover the secrets of the Ancient Guardians.  The lore pages describe many encounters with the Ancient Guardians and discuss the type of weaponry and attacks they use. Heron also hints at how the Ancient Obelisks were constructed or potentially made by the Ancients, and references the directional positioning of the orbs on the top of the obelisks that are all directed toward the Shattered Obelisk.

Through Heron's Field Notes we also discover some very interesting information about the actual location of Aeternum on Earth, and that Aeternum is in fact the primordial Eden from with all life sprang. So, were the Ancients the first creatures ever to inhabit Earth, and are the Ancient Guardians simply peons guarding much bigger secrets of the Ancients? 

You can read the full Heron's Field Notes full text in our Lore Pages Database, and can use the coordinates on each page to navigate to our New World Map of Aeternum to see the locations of the Lore Pages and other Points of Interest.