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Heart of Madness March Reveal

Are you ready for the next content patch for New World? March's update will be called the "Heart of Madness" and will be coming to the PTRs for players to test soon. Lets take a look at what to expect this month.

Tempest's Heart - The Myrkgard Expedition

But wait this isn't my final form!? Or is it? Isabella's arc will finally come to an end with the Myrkgard Expedition. You will be given the chance to learn more about her back story and have an epic showdown against Isabella with this expedition that is located in Shattered Mountains. It will be recommended level 60 with Gearscore of 550 for 5 players. 

New Weapon: Blunderbuss
Scales off of Strength and Intelligence making it our first weapon to be scaled with these two stats. Unfortunately we don't know which is the primary stat, but it is assumed to be Strength as it was the first one listed here. The weapon will offer high mobility and high close to mid range damage.
As with all weapons; we will have 2 skill mastery trees for the Blunderbuss:
  • Containment - Ideal choice for closing the gap and unlocked a lot of buck shot into your enemies
  • Chaos - If you wish to stay further away and apply AoE damage to your foes 
The Blunderbuss will be released with a Legendary Weapon Quest series that starts in Ebonscale Reach. Make sure that you are level 60 and weapon mastery 20 for the weapon and then talk to Wang Tang Zhi to start the quest chain. 

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