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HUGE Adjustments Made to the Gypsum System

Amazon Game Studios recently announced on the Dev Blog - End Game Update that there are some huge changes coming to the Gypsum System. You can read about the Gypsum system and the other changes currently on the PTR by checking our New World December Update post. There were several aspects of the system that players were not happy with. Therefore, AGS decided to revamp some aspects of the system. The following changes are being implemented:

  • Upon the introduction of Gear Score scaling in early 2022 items that have been crafted, earned from a quest, or purchased from the faction shop will be grandfathered into the Gear Score system. Meaning, items that were acquired via those methods prior to the change will NOT have their effectiveness reduced upon the implementation of that system. 
  • Upon the introduction of Gear Score scaling in early 2022 the effectiveness of you gear will now only be reduced to the middle of your Expertise and the items gear score. For example, if your Musket Expertise is now 520 and you buy a 600 GS Musket off the market, your effective GS will be 560.
  • The cost of crafting a Gypsum Orb is being reduced to 2.5 coin down from 100 coin, and the cost of crafting the Gypsum Cast is being reduced to 5 coin down from 475. 
  • The Topaz Gypsum can now be crafted daily instead of weekly and the cost of to craft the Gypsum has been reduced. 
  • The cooldown timer to earn Gypsum has been reduced to 18 hours. 
  • Adjusting Gypsum to provide a minimum and maximum Expertise Bump. 
  • Moving Gypsum rewards from Cache to event. You will no longer receive the Gypsum via a cache or chest. It will be rewarded for participating in the applicable event. 

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