Beginner Guide – Gathering in New World


The purpose of this guide is to provide an overview of Gathering in New World. This guide is directed towards new players and explains the gathering trade skill in New World.


Gathering in New World requires the use of tools. There are several tools used for different purposes. 

Logging Axe – Used for logging

Pickaxe – Used to mine ore

Sickle – Used to harvest plants

Skinning Knife – Used to skin animals

You can obtain tools in New World in one of 3 ways. First, you can craft basic tier one tools at your camp (link to camp tutorial). You can craft higher tier tools at the forge in a settlement using the Engineering crafting skill, and you can purchase tools at the trading stations in settlements. 

Once you have the tools you want to use you then need to right click it in your inventory and select “Active Tool.” 

Tools can be crafted with Perks (link to perk guide) which include a durability increase and a gathering yield increase. Durability increases the durability of the tool and reduces the time required between repairs (link to repair guide). Yield increases the amount of the primary resource you gain, for example, wood or iron.

Tiers of ToolsGathering tools follow the same 5 tier progression as other gear in the game. 

Tier 1 Flint 

Tier 2 Iron

Tier 3 Steel 

Tier 4 Starmetal

Tier 5 Orichalcum 

Having better tools equipped increases the speed of your gathering. You can check the tools gathering speed by hovering over the item and viewing the detailed information about that particular item. When purchasing a tool of a specific tier or crafting a tool of a specific tier make sure you check the gathering speed before purchasing or before salvaging (link to salvaging guide) the tools. 

The tier of tools also determines which resources you can gather. The higher tier tools, and higher level your gathering you higher tier resources you can gather. 

The tier of the item can be easily identified by the roman numeral on the icon of the item when you enter your inventory. 

Where and How to Find Resources

You can find resources in New World by checking this map (link to map)

Also, when you open your map in-game, default key “M” you can then click on “Resource Locations” on the left side of the map. This will not give you specific locations of resources but will provide you with a general guide as to where to find a certain resource. 

Once you reach a certain level in a particular gathering skill you will be able to track resources. This means that you can see the resource icon on your compass if you’re close enough to the resource so you can easily find the resource to gather. 

Gathering Skills

Gathering in New World is made up of 4 different skills





As you use each skill above you gain experience and progress the skill’s level. The more you use it the higher your level becomes. Higher levels of gathering increases the percentage change for Special Resources when gathering, and increases the speed of gathering. 

In order to view your level in each trade skill press the default key of “K” in order to bring up your skill trees. You can then click on a trade skill in order to view the details of that particular skill, including your gathering speed bonus, which resources can be harvested and tracked at what level, the tool required, and what each node looks like. 

Note that progression with gathering skills is infinite. There is no cap on the level that you can obtain. However, there are certain level points at which you can gather certain items. For example, Orichalcum, the highest node of ore cannot be mined until you hit 250 mining and cannot be tracked until you hit 300 mining. 

The below information references zone Tiers. Reference the Zone Tier Section at the end of this guide for more information.

1. Logging
Tier 1 –  Normal trees – Very easy to find. Found in every zone. 

Tier IV –  Wyrdwood trees – Found in clusters in level 40+ zones

V Ironwood trees – Found North East of Mountain Rise in the Great Cleave’s Blighted Wilds

Logging is the easiest gathering skill to level. There are only three node types, and one normal trees are always near you so it’s easy to constantly harvest wood and level the skill.

2. Mining
Mining is used to mine not only ore, but stone, oil, gems, and alchemy stones. Gems are a random drop while mining and are used to slot into gear. 

Stones (Used for Stonecutting):

Regular Stone – Harvestable at mining level 0. Tracked at mining level 25.Very easy to find. Located in every zone. Plentiful resource.

Lodestone – Harvestable at mining level 130. Tracked at mining level 155. Found some in Tier 3 zones, and plentiful in Tier 4 zones.

Metals (Used for Armor and Weapons):

Iron Ore – Harvestable at mining level 25. Tracked at mining level 25. Found primarily in sub level 20 zones, but can also be found some in the Tier 3 zones. Wolf dens typically have a cluster of iron around them also. 

Starmetal Ore – Harvestable at mining level 180. Tracked at mining level 205. Found in Tier IV zones. 

Orichalcum Ore – Harvestable at mining level 250. Tracked at mining level 300.  Mostly found in Tier V zones, especially around elite areas, such as the Great Cleave’s center north.

Precious Metals (Used for Jewelcrafting):

Silver Ore – Harvestable at mining level 15. Tracked at mining level 50. Can be found near and in wolf caves and some mining camps in Tier 2-3 zones.

Gold Ore – Harvestable at mining level 90. Tracked at mining level 175. From this point on you will rarely run into precious ingots just casually running around. Recommend consulting this map (link to map). However, gold still follows the trend of points of interest in the mountains and caves. Found in Tier 3-4 zones.

Platinum Ore – Harvestable at mining level 160. Tracked at mining level 235. Can be found around elites where you likely also find Orichalcum. Tier 5 zones.


Oil is very spread out across the map. Can be found near lower areas near water and in Tier 3 zones. 

Alchemy Stones:

Alchemy stones can be found scattered around the map. They do follow a pattern. For example, you will find more earth nodes around earth mobs, and water around water. Can be found in all zones.

3.  Harvesting
Harvesting is used to gather plant nodes in New World. There are 5 types of harvestable plants: Fungi, Hemp, Farm Plants, Magical Creatures, and Magical Plants. You can harvest everything at level 0 except for magical plants which are harvestable at level 30. 


Fungi are harvested and used to create dyes. The color of fungi you find are separated by zone. Fungi is plentiful and easy to find in each zone. 

Hemp & Herb:

Can be found in forest and grassland biomes. Plentiful near Windsward. Typically where you find Hemp you’ll find Herb close by and vise versa. Tracked at harvesting level 100.

Farm Plants:

Crops can be found in farms around the map. Each farm has a different type of crop. You can check this map (link to map) to find specific farm plants. Tracked at harvesting level 50.

Magical Plants / Creatures:

These nodes follow the same logic as mining nodes. You will find water plants near water, earth plants / creatures near earthy forest areas, etc.

4. Skinning
Once you kill an animal you can then skin that animal with a skinny knife to obtain raw hide and raw meat. You can also obtain feathers and eggs from turkeys. This is the only skill that allows you to harvest everything at level 0, with higher level skinning meaning higher resource yield.

Tiers of leather are defined by the level of the animal harvested. For example, 35+ is tier 4 and 50 plus would be tier 5 hide. 

Small Prey:

Includes rabbits and turkeys. Very easy to find. Located in every zone. 

Small Predator:

Includes animals such as wolves. Very easy to find. Located in every zone. 

Large Prey:

Includes animals such as buffalo, deer, and elk. Plentiful, but not as easy to find as small predators. Typically where you find  open fields of hemp, you will find several buffalo. Located in every zone. 

Medium Prey:

Animals such as boars. Plentiful and located in every zone. 

Large Predators:

Animals such as bears. Harder to find than the above listed animals. Can be found in almost every zone. Bears for example, can be found in bear dens around the map. 

Leveling Gathering

In order to effectively and efficiently level a gathering skill you would need to spam farm the lowest resource tiers with the best tools you can find and can use at your level. Low resource tiers are the easiest to find and the fastest to gather. Make sure to purchase bigger bags as you level so you can carry more weight before having to return to town to refine or sell the materials.

Logging is the easiest and fastest gathering skill to level because of the abundance of normal trees. Skinning is the slowest gathering skill to level because you must kill the animal prior to skinning. A good rule of thumb is just to make sure you skin everything you kill as you level your character so you can level skinning at the same time. Bear in mind that higher level skinning doesn’t have any perks other than faster gathering time because you can skin everything at skinning level 0.