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February In-Game Store Bundle Additions

Amazon Games is adding 4 new bundles to the real money store for New World. Some of these items you may have already purchased individually, but worry not if you have. Bundle pricing will reflect a discount if you already own one of the items so you don't have to pay full price. These bundles will remain in the store for an unknown period as Amazon Games states; 
 "There’s no rotation out of the store scheduled for these bundles yet - and we’ll let you know via the timer in the in-game store when that day comes."

Runic Armor Bundle
The Runic Armor Bundle Contains:
  • Runic Jackal
  • Runic Bear
  • Runic Fox
Cost: 30,000 Marks of Fortune

Runic Weapon Bundle
  • Bundle Contains:
  • Howl at Dawn
  • Crescent Fang
  • Twin Wolves
  • Dragon's Coil
  • Fenrir's Howl
Cost: 30,000 Marks of Fortune

Angles And Demons Armor Bundle

The Angles and Demons Armor Bundle Contains:
  • Aegis of Providence
  • Cambion Husk
  • Righteous Guardian
Cost: 30,000 Marks of Fortune

Angles And Demons Weapon Bundle
The Angles And Demons Weapon Bundle Contains:
  • Harmonic Restoration
  • Destroyer's Wrath
  • Fire and Brimstone
  • Divine Vengeance
Cost: 28,000 Marks of Fortune

If you are not familiar with the Marks of Fortune, they are the real money currency in New World and the cost of these bundles are roughly $30 depending on your selection of the Marks of Fortune packages.

By purchasing any of these bundles, you will be supporting New World and Amazon Game's development towards New World. These are not mandatory by any means, but it is a way to show your support for the company. 
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