Everything You Need to Know About Territories & Settlements in New World


In this article we are going to be taking a look at how territory control, Settlements, Forts, and Player Housing are going to work in Amazon’s MMO New World. You can check out the official post on the New World Website for the Developers comments on how Settlements and Territory Control will work.


Where Can Settlements be Built?

So, Let’s start off by talking about how you can build settlements. In New World there are pre-determined settlement locations within Aeternum, so players will not be able to free build. Each settlement location will have a pre-defined layout that players will build upon once they take control of the settlement or fort. 

So where are these pre-defined locations? Well, Aeternum is divided into distinct Territories, and many of these Territories will have their own Settlement and Fort. 

Differences Between a Settlement & a Fort

There are some important differences between a settlement and a fort, so let’s talk about those. The Settlements are where players socialize, live, craft, trade, work on Town Projects, and support their Faction through Faction Missions. Settlements also serve as a re-spawn point for players after death.  

A Territory’s Fort is the major point of defense for a Territory. It is what comes under attack during War, which is the PvP Seige battles,  and Invasions which are the PvE horde type mode that New World offers. (You can check out more about PvE in the PvE section of the “Everything We Know About Amazon’s New World MMO” Post) It is also where players need to go in order to claim an unclaimed Territory.

How do Players Claim Territory?

So that brings us to how players claim Territory. Well, The only way to own a territory is through war! There is an exception though. At launch obviously there will not be any owners of a territory, so any unclaimed territory can be claimed simply by paying the claim fee at the fort. However, Bear in mind that only companies can gain control of a territory, therefore you must be in a company in order to control a territory.

At level 10 players  must choose between one of the three Factions. Then, Once you choose a Faction, you can create or join a Company. When a Company is created, it inherits the Faction of its creator. Companies can then gain and control a Territory and the Settlement or Fort that lies within that territory. Once a company owns a territory, the accompanying settlement can be developed into a full player city with accompanying crafting stations, player housing, a tax system, fortifications, and much more. 

Who Owns the Territory?

So if your company claims the territory who is actually the owner of the Territory? Well, the leader of the Company, called a Governor, also becomes the Governor of the Territory once a company controls it. However, the real owner of the Territory is the Faction that a Company belongs to, and companies simply act as a proxy for that Faction. Dues in the form of Territory Upkeep must be paid to the Faction your Company is a part of. 

So, how do you pay those dues? Well one of the responsibilities of the Governor is to set the tax rate and fees for the residents in order to collect the dues owed to the faction. 

Governor Responsiblities

Other responsibilities of a Governor include maintaining control of the Territory for your Faction, upgrading and maintaining the quality of life in your Settlement by starting Town Projects that result in Settlement upgrades when completed, and focusing on particular upgrades for the territories residents.

It’s important to note here that in order to be a resident of a territory you must own a home within that territories settlement. (More about that topic below).

Governors Right Hand(s) – Consuls

So what if the Governor goes on vacation or can’t play for a while for whatever reason?  Who sets the tone for the territory in that situation? Well, The Governor can appoint a Consul, or multiple Consul’s, to help with ruling the Territory. It’s important to not that Consuls have almost all of the same permissions and powers as the Governor of the Company and Territory they control, so these are really going to need to be people that you trust.

Upgrading a Settlement

So it was mentioned earlier that settlements can be upgraded. Let’s dive a little deeper in that. In order to level a settlement up your residents must work together to complete Town Projects set by the Governor. We don’t exactly what type of tasks we are going to have to do yet, but the important thing to take away here is that we will have to work together as a territory in order to level up our settlements. 

Not only can you level up your settlement, but it’s possible for your settlement drop levels as well. If territory upkeep is not maintained, or if players fail to repel the corrupted invasions your settlement will level down. It hasn’t been mentioned yet if you can level your settlement down so much that you lose control of it, but that might make for some interesting game play if you’re residents are not strong enough to repel invasions. But, I would bet that’s not going to be a thing, but we don’t yet. 

Who Can be a Resident of a Settlement?

So now let’s get back to who can be a resident of a settlement. It was mentioned previously that in order to become a resident of a territory you must purchase a home in a settlement. However, who can purchase a home in a territory? Do you have to be a member of the same faction? How about the same company? Nope!  Anyone can live in any house, in any Settlement, regardless of which Faction they are in or which Company currently controls the Territory, and if the Territory changes hands, the residents of a Settlement are affected by any changes to taxation, upgrades, and Lifestyle Buffs the new Controlling Company might make. So, if you lose a siege battle you will not lose your house or any of the belongings within it. In the article the developers state that there will be more information about this topic in the future. I found this to be very interesting and really want to hear more details about how this is going to work because I assumed the entire time I was reading the article that only members of the same faction could own a home in that factions territory…aaaand…. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I was pretty surprised about this, and am very interested to see what you guys have to say about it as well, so Let me know what you think over at our Studio Loot Discord

It’s also important to note that anyone can use the services of a settlement, however, as previously mentioned you can only be a resident of a settlement and gain the bonuses of that particular settlement by purchasing home within the settlement, and Players will also be able to decorate their home any way they see fit.