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Guide last updated: April 25th, 2022 for Patch 1.5 - Bugs and Balance Update

Tuning Orbs and What They Are
Tuning Orbs From Quests
Tuning Orbs From Crafting
Tuning Orbs From Faction
Tuning Orbs From Killing (New with patch 1.4)

Tuning Orbs and What They Are
Tuning Orbs is basically a key. In New World there are Expeditions and Arenas you can run with a group of players that use these Tuning Orbs. As part of the requirements to enter them a single Tuning Orb must be in the person’s inventory to start it. Only the person at the entrance attempting to queue the party needs to have the appropriate Tuning Orb in their bag. The other players are not required to have one.

Every entrance uses a different Tuning Orb in order to enter it, with the exception of Mutations. For example, If you want to enter the Amrine Expedition, then you will need one Amrine Tuning Orb for the party. For a full list of Tuning Orbs and the expeditions, check the listing below.

List of Expeditions, Arenas, & Orbs
Expeditions             | Tuning Orb
Amrine Excavation       | Amrine Tuning Orb
Starstone Barrows       | Starstone Tuning Orb
The Depths              | Depths Tuning Orb
Dynasty Shipyard        | Dynasty Tuning Orb
Garden of Genesis       | Genesis Tuning Orb
Lazarus Instrumentality | Lazarus Tuning Orb
Tempest's Heart         | Tempest's Heart Tuning Orb
Mutated Expedition      | Mutated Expedition Tuning Orb

Arenas                  | Tuning Orb
Zygoramet's Grove       | Monoecious Tuning Orb
Melpomene Arena         | Siren Tuning Orb
Eternal Pool Arena      | Protector's Tuning Orb
Orbs From Quests
Below are the quests that will award you with the appropriate Tuning Orbs. These quests can only be completed once per character. The quests are also part of a quest chain, meaning you will have to complete a few quests before you can access the quest that actually gives you the Tuning Orb. If you ever come across a quest in-game labeled “(Expedition)” in-game, there is a good chance you can get a Tuning Orb from it or it is a repeatable quest for an expedition. 

Amrine Excavation (Guide)
Starstone Barrows (Guide)
The Depths (Guide)
Dynasty Shipyard (Guide)
Garden of Genesis (Guide)
Lazarus Instrumentality (Guide)
Tempest's Heart (Guide)
Zygoramet's Grove (Guide)
  • Crafted only at this time
Melpomene Arena (Guide)
  • Crafted only at this time
Eternal Pool Arena (Guide)

Orbs From Crafting
Every Tuning Orb can be crafted from the Stonecutting Trade Skill in New World. Each Tuning Orb has a different requirement to craft them, but they all have similar crafting ingredients for them. These crafts have a cooldown and a threshold. When you craft one orb it starts the cooldown. The threshold is the number you can craft with-in a cooldown period. For example you can only craft 5 Amrine Tuning Orbs as the threshold is 5, and you will have to wait 7 days at the point you crafted each one of them. 

Amrine Excavation - 7 Day CD | Threshold x5
Starstone Barrows - 7 Day CD | Threshold x5
The Depths - 7 Day CD | Threshold x5
Dynasty Shipyard - 7 Day CD | Threshold x5
Garden of Genesis - 7 Day CD | Threshold x2
Lazarus Instrumentality - 7 Day CD | Threshold x2
Tempest's Heart - 7 Day CD | Threshold x2
Mutations  - 7 Day CD | Threshold x1
Zygoramet's Grove - 7 Day CD | Threshold x5
Melpomene Arena - 7 Day CD | Threshold x5
Eternal Pool Arena - 7 Day CD | Threshold x5

TIP: You can buy Runestones from other players to craft some of the lower level Stonecutting Tuning Orbs.

Orbs From Faction
When New World first released Tuning Orbs were not obtainable from Faction vendors. As part of the quality of life changes added to the game, Amazon Games enabled the ability to purchase them from Faction vendors with a cooldown. The cooldown timer seems to vary based on the progression of the game and released content.

All expedition Tuning Orbs can be purchased once a day. The Mutation Tuning Orbs can be purchased once every 3 days. The Arenas do not have any Tuning Orbs you can purchase from the Faction vendors unfortunately. 

Amrine Excavation - 1 Day CD
  • 850x Tokens (Requires 1st Rank)
  • 85x Gold
Starstone Barrows - 1 Day CD
  • 1,700x Tokes (Requires 2nd Rank)
  • 170x Gold
The Depths -  1 Day CD
  • 3,400x Tokens (Requires 3rd Rank)
  • 255x Gold
Dynasty Shipyard - 1 Day CD
  • 6,000x Tokens (Requires 4th Rank)
  • 340x Gold
Garden of Genesis - 1 Day CD
  • 8,500x Tokens (Requires 5th Rank)
  • 425x Gold
Lazarus Instrumentality - 1 Day CD
  • 8,500x Tokens (Requires 5th Rank)
  • 425x Gold
Tempest's Heart - 7 Day CD
  • 9,000x Tokens (Requires 5th Rank)
  • 450x Gold
Mutations - 3 Day CD
  • 10,000x Tokens (Requires 5th Rank)
  • 500x Gold
Zygoramet's Grove
  • Crafted only at this time
Melpomene Arena
  • Crafted only at this time
Eternal Pool Arena
  • Crafted only at this time

Orbs From Killing
With the release of the Heart of Madness patch 1.4, the ability to kill and find Orbs came to light. There is a super low chance to find Arena Tuning Orbs from killing monsters in certain zones. These are the zones you can kill elites for a chance to earn an Arena Tuning Orb; Malevolence, Forecastle Drift, Spires of Melpomene, and Eternal Pool.

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