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New World Legendary Weapon Quests


Each weapon in the game has a “Legendary Weapon Quest” associated with the weapon (See below for list of weapons and the quest to obtain them). These quests do not actually reward legendary weapons, but in earlier iterations of the game they did so they are still widely referred to as the New World Legendary Weapon Quests.

However, if you look at these weapons you will see that Rimelash is the only weapon with all 5 perk slots filled to make it truly a legendary weapon. (Attribute, Socket, Perk 1, Perk 2, and Perk 3. ) All the previous ones only have 4 perk slots filled, making them an epic weapon from when they once were legendary. 

In order to unlock the quests for these weapons, you must first do the pre-requirement quests that start with Eintou Madaki in Mountainhome. The quest you want to unlock is called Madaki’s Stratagem as this is the quest that you go to obtain the weapon molds. In addition to these quests, you need to have 20 Weapon Mastery in the weapon you wish to craft or the quest will not be offered. 

When you have the quest, you are tasked with gathering quest materials to have the NPC craft the weapon for you. Since these are quest materials, you can only start gathering the items once you have accepted the quest. Its also not just a simple task, expect to spend a few hours gathering all the materials. After you’ve gathered them all, you turn in the quest and obtain your “legendary” weapon!

New World Legendary Weapon Quests Chart

WeaponWeapon QuestQuest Giver
Straight Sword: Twilight’s FallForging Twilight’s Fall Sidonie Demir
Tower Shield: Rook’s Defense A King’s Defense Derick Wardell
Round Shield: Boundless WardForging Boundless Ward Eintou Madaki
Rapier: Frozen LamentAria of a Frozen Lament Girish Herath
Hatchet: Azure RavagerForging the Azure RavagerTibbe Fowler
Spear: HeavensplitterA Spear to Pierce the Heavens Leander Rochford
Great Axe: ReformationThe Reformation Phyllis Herb
War Hammer: Rampant ConvictionThe Rampant Conviction of HopeRymon Knatchbull
Bow: Torrent Blessing the Rains Helena Chapman
Musket: Clamorous VoxClamorous Vox Cornelis Nagelhout
Fire Staff: Prime Resolve Prime Resolve Mirrell Law
Life Staff: Glimmering Mercy Glimmering Mercy Kayode Balogun
Ice Gauntlet: RimelashHand of Hoarfrost Jennifer Heatley
Void Gauntlet: Umbra’s ReachGrasping at Shadows Roland Abbingdon
Blunderbuss: Last ArgumentThe Last Argument Wang Tang Zhi

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