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Discord Bot Update, New World To Go 17, Alpha Key Giveaways

Dev Tracker & Discord Bot Update

Both the dev tracker and the Discord bot have been updated and now support German and French languages. Check out the Discord page for instructions on how to set this up for your server.

Alpha Key Giveaways

For the US giveaway, like, follow and comment on this tweet with the hash tags #giveaway and #NewWorldWednesday for a chance to win one of 10 alpha keys.

For the German giveaway, follow and comment on this tweet with #NewWorldAlphaDE.

And for the French giveaway, follow, re-tweet and comment on this tweet with #NewWorldAlphaFR.

As part of the giveaway the New World team has revealed the Spriggan, a creature that players will presumably face in New World's PvE arenas. We can expect a blog post with more details sometime this week.

New World To Go Podcast

The StudioLoot team came out with their latest podcast and special guest Commander Aze, moderator of r/newworldgame and co-host of the New World Order Show. Topics this week are the alpha key giveaways and AGS' 10-year plans for New World.

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