Last Updated: August 31, 2020 Reading Time: 0 min

Discord Bot Update: Item and Quest Search

The Discord Bot has been updated and can now link items and quests from our database.

These commands can be used by anyone in chat, as long as the bot has permissions to send embeds in that channel.

Item Search

You can use the following command to search for a specific item by name:
  • !NewWorldBot item:heartseeker
Or you can filter the results by tier:
  • !NewWorldBot item:trick of the mind:4
Or if you just want to explore the database, you can find a random item:
  • !NewWorldBot item:random

Quest Search

Similar to items, you can find any quest by name and find out the rewards, quest NPC details and lore, locations, or find a random quest:
  • !NewWorldBot quest:shadowslayer
  • !NewWorldBot quest:random

We will be adding more details to the results over time and also provide more options and filters for searching. We will also add these features to the Twitch bot soon. Meanwhile you can find all of these items in the New World Database.

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