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Disallowing Virtual Machines

Recently Amazon decided to enable functionality in the Easy Anti-Cheat used with the game. This feature being the detection of virtual machines. If you are found using a virtual machine to run New World the game will just not work for you. Bans will not be issued if you attempt to use a virtual machine going forward. 

Here is what Luxendra (Community Manager) stated on the forums: 
Hello adventurers!

Our Game Moderation team are constantly working to help address the prevalence of bots and gold sellers here in New World.

New World has a variety of security controls in place in order to deter and prevent the spread of bots and gold farmers. Nevertheless, we wish to improve on these controls and combat the bot trend. It is well known that bots and gold farmers often run the game in virtual machines. As such, we have enabled a new feature for New World within the latest Easy Anti-Cheat module.

Moving forward, New World will no longer launch in Virtual Machines that are known to be used by bots and gold farmers. This virtual machine detection feature will not issue bans for players trying to run the game in a virtual machine. However, the game will not work on these machines.

This feature will not prevent the game from running on GeForce Now.

Thank you for your understanding and see you in Aeternum!

Information regarding this can be found at this post on the forums. 
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